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Posted by Melody from Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada:
Connecting Contries via Fluevog

My finding of Fluevog could not of happened at the worst time, but it buffered and helped ease what turned out to be the most heartbreaking event in my life. The journey to find "those shoes" helped me transfer my loss to a gain, but it wasn't the shoes that added the finality to my journey, it was the kindness and sensitivity of a fellow shoe (and Fluevog) lover. Transaction took place via Fluvog Market Place, agreed upon price and monies sent, all that was needed was the address to send me the shoes. With that I decided to share my story with Sharyn the woman I bought them from, and what transpired after is pure kindness that had no boundaries.. Below is the email I enclosed with my address.. If you don't mind I want to tell you about my journey for these shoes, in August my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the doctor came in and told us. We were shocked and nobody wanted to say anything, the doctor kept asking us to ask the questions necessary, but my mom and I just kept looking at each other speechless. Silence is a killer. I looked down and saw those shoes (Queen's Transcendent) on the doctor, I then asked where she got such beautiful shoes. My mom then looked down and also agreed on the unique look to them. The doctor was taken aback at our curiosity over her shoes and lack of ability to talk about cancer, we laughed and continued to focus on the shoes, not cancer. And for the next 4 months my mom and I talked about those shoes, not cancer...we searched ebay, craigslist kijiji and Fuevog market. It was fun and agreed that I could never pay full price, she said it's not practical. You don't make what a doctor does. She passed December 11 2013 but my Dad and I continued to look and even updated our fb status about our hunt, with each day determined not to give up. We told her we would find them..lol and at a good price.... And here they are!!! I hope this brought a smile to your face... Sharyn responded with appreciation and condolences it was the end to the search I found the shoes and ended the journey, I succeed in the final endeavor my mom and I started. When I picked up the shoes to my surprise Sharyn had added a beautiful card with sincere words of appreciation for not only my loss but the meaning this journey meant for me. She also refunded some of my money, in each shoe was stuffed with the bills. I can't put into words the emotions that overcame me. Purely unexpected and not necessary. A total stranger from another country crossed the boarders and connected with me and all for the love of shoes!!! (Of course not just any shoes FLUEVOG shoes)
Posted by Peggy Kasuba from Manitoba Canada:
Fluevog shoe production location.

I began purchasing Fluevog shoes in 2013. I have four pairs and eagerly awaiting three pairs I ordered through my favorite clothing store. I am seriously disappointed to learn that some of your shoe families are made in China, Peru, Mexico, and Vietnam, but especially China. That signals the beginning of ALL Fluevog shoes being slowly outsourced to these countries. Your shoes are quite expensive for me but worth it. Saving money to purchase a pair is not something I take lightly. I see them as a quality wardrobe investment. I love wearing something that is Canadian, U.S.,or European made. I am frustrated with the market having been flooded with poor quality clothing and footwear. Is Portugal unable to make your shoes for some reason? Would you like me to talk to Portugal for you if this is the case? I'm willing to do that. Truly. If I wanted to purchase a pair of shoes made in China, like everything else, I would not purchase a Fluevog. There is much to say for craftmanship (craftpersonship)and European countries, such as Portugal have been making quality footwear since forever. For my own personal political reasons, I cannot continue to purchase Fluevogs if this is the direction your Company has committed to go. Sad. Outsource to Europe, in this case Portugal, and please don't make Fluevog just another overpriced low quality outsourced piece of crap. Is nothing sacred anymore? I would really like to remain a Fluevogian till the day I 'kick it'and leave my Fluevog collection to my grand daughters so that they can understand what'quality' was when their granny wore 'those awesome shoes . . . which is how they refer to my shoes. I do take responsibility for not reading your entire website prior to purchasing your shoes. Now that I've done that, there is a disturbing line I read with reference to location of your shoe production: 'if not produced in one of the above countries (China, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico) you can pretty much be assured it is produced in Portugal. When you say I can 'pretty much be assured', you are speaking like a politician with vague word use to create a 'loophole'. So, could they be made in India or Korea or Taiwan? They are either made in Portugal or they are not. Fluevog does not have to be like any other outsourced commodity in which the public must do diligent research to find out where something is actually made and from what by whom. Fluevog is better than that. Please keep it that way. Thank you!
Posted by Elizabeth Hoyle from Toronto:
My Johnny Fluevog -- Shoe breaker story

Canadian -- working a bit in San Diego -- sitting in a La Jolla concert hall and a very hip young couple are sitting beside me. Younger than most in the crowd. And, she has these slamming shoes on. I had just bought my first three pairs of John Fluevogs and I said, "Love your shoes, are they..." And she responds Johnny Fluevogs? Yes. He's from Vancouver, but I get them in San Fransisco." Love them. That was our "shoebreaker." We broke out in instant conversation because we knew we had something in common. I doubt I would have talked to the person next to me. But the shoes did it. Your shoes telegraph a personality type!
Posted by paige from vancouver:
fat fingered quick thinkered

i fat fingered an order for green boots instead of black, when I realized what I'd done I called the shipping location (gas town) and the guy helped fix my order and also gave me fit advice amd I woulnd up getting a bigger size. they came today and I love them so!
Posted by Alexandra:
Please bring back the Body Part shoes!! I miss those gorgeous and comfortable shoes!!! The booties, the heels everything!!! Please Fluevog bring them back!!!
Posted by Crettia from Detroit:
Noooooo too narrow Tanya

I absolutely love the Tanya but alas I have a wide foot. I love your shoes but they do love me. Make wides sometime. I thought about ordering a size up but one of the comment said still tight. Nooooooo!
Posted by Lynn Snowdon from Canada:
Favorite Shoes

Fluevog shoes and boots are my absolute favorite. I always receive numerous compliments and comments on the unique styles. Everyone loves them.
Posted by Mark from Danvers, MA:
I Believe I'm Ok...

now that I'm in the Flue network. My boots fit my feet and my spirit. So glad I found John Fluevog. Thank you Denver store
Posted by Tani James from United States:
Come to Austin, TX

Please come to Austin, TX!
Posted by Jeweleigh from Hamilton, New Zealand:
a bit of Canadiana down under!

As an expat Canadian I am always a bit homesick. So happy to discover Fluevogs are available in Auckland, thanks to the delightful Viv. I bought a delicious pair of Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Vivs in Black, white, pink today and I am in love. Next up will be the grey paisley Caravaggio!

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