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GOT SOME FLUEVOGIN' TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? Here's your chance! Share your voice, speak your Vogin' mind, tell us how you feel, tell us how your pets feel, tell us how your Fluevogs feel and sign The Fluevog Guest Book (and, please, no vulgar language as Fluevogers vary in age and height).

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Posted by LM:
I really wish

That the Velasquez still came in burgundy!! (:`(
Posted by jao from nyc:
your "generic holiday message" made me laugh out loud (admittedly, thanksgiving left me pretty punchy). thanks for being so super, guys.
Posted by chris from st. catharines, ontario:
Boot Caddy from Boot Bag!

I just got the Adrian Lunas and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. To keep them is great shape, I used John's boot bag (lovingly sent along with the boots), and made a boot caddy! Check out the instructions and photos on my blog! Feel free to do the same for your boots! www.chrisseamscreative.blogspot.com
Posted by Valerie from Washington DC:
always ever

www.fluevog.com: while I have always been a shoe lover, I have never ever just browsed a website over and over. I don't get bored looking (art!) and when something new appears, it's christmas. and now you've come to DC. Pinch ME!
Posted by Kate Smith from Connecticut:
If I had one wish...

it would be that the Countess Olivia boot came back. In pink. I could die happy then! Considering putting Fluevog in my books so I can claim them as a tax deduction! Thank you for footwear of such fabulosity!
Posted by Eric Aaron from New Jersey:
The Hell with the Rest.....

Been rocking Fluvees for years and will never give them up. Just get better every year. Worth every penny! Fluevog 4 Life!!!
Posted by Cristina from Sudbury:
heartfelt thanks

I wanted a pair of Fluevogs for my sister's wedding, and needed them to be delivered quickly, as I left my shopping until the last minute. Brian at the Queen West Toronto store shipped them immediately, and they came this morning. Currently they are happily on my feet and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I love my Fluevog Keepsakes, and I love the excellent service I got. Thank you, Brian and Fluevog!! xxx Cristiina
Posted by All Things Vegan:
Periodically I check the Fluevog site in vain hope of finding sexy new vegan styles for women. Just checked this morning, and OMG--the "Boogie Woogie" -- are you kidding me? UGLIEST women's shoes EVER. Do you want your vegan line to fail? Please, please, please make hot/cool/quirky/fun vegan women's shoes. No canvas, no boxy, ugly bowling shoe styles. If you make them, vegan women will buy them!
Posted by Laurie from London, ON:
Talking to Strangers

Going out in Fluevogs is like going out with an unusual dog - strangers stop me to ask about them, and take photos. I just have to remember to leave myself extra time to get anywhere when I'm wearing 'vogs.
Posted by Kim from Tulsa, Ok:
Here I come!

I am going to visit the store in LA this Saturday and I can hardly wait to put your shoes on my feet! I hope to find a pair to bring home with me! So excited! :-)

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