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Posted by Erin from Halifax:
Nice mention of John Fluevog in September's Vogue magazine (the Munster shoes on page 685). Wish they would do a spread on his shoes. My favs!
Posted by liza from Vancouver, BC:
Shop by size

Can you add a new feature to shop by size for those of us who wear small or large sizes - that way I can browse shoes there is actually a chance I could buy, rather than fall in love with shoes that don't come in my size.
Posted by amy from rochester, NY from rochester ny:
Toronto store was great

Went to Toronto for my 40th Birthday but did not leave with any of your shoes!!! `:O I wanted to buy them all but alas there were NONE in size 5 or 5-1/2!! Please make your shoes smaller! They are great!
Posted by Hannah from calgary:
Amazing Experience

Idaho was FANTASTIC!! He was so helpful. I appreciated all his opinions, his honesty and personality were wonderful. What ever you do, do not get ride of him. I will alway come back to him. P.s his knowledge of shoes was impeccable.
Posted by Traci from Toronto:
Keaton boots

Oh please oh please oh please start offering the Keaton boot in women's sizing! I am a women's 7 and I want want want a purple pair so so so very much. So many of your boots are unisex, I think the Keaton absolutely should be as well. Please?
Posted by Mike Ashley from Georgetown (Washington DC):
Poor Service

On Sunday Sept 9, 2012 my wife and daughter went into the new store in Gerogetown (Washington DC) to buy shoes. The sales staff was not busy at all with only 1 out of 4 staff helping a customer. My wife and daughter were dressed in workout gear and not their Sunday best. After over 10 minutes of looking no one would wait on them and then another couple dressed very well came in and 2 different staff persons went to their side to try and sell them shoes. My wife was holding her hobo bag that came from Fluvog and we are the owners of 11 pairs of Fluvog shoes in the family. As my wife says I now know how the woman in pretty woman felt in the movie on Rodeo Drive. Products are still great service at the Georgetown store just plain sucks. Oh they both bought shoes and bags at another Georgetown store that same day. The sales staff there was very helpful.
Posted by Robyn Olson from Canada:
new store

Very happy to see that a new store is opening in Minneapolis. Any timeline on that yet?
Posted by taylor from houston tx:
i agree with epiphany!

i am a tall girl and it is super hard to find fashionable shoes until i found fluevogs...but it just seems you guys arent making them as much or as many i dont know...i know there are tons of us tall ladies out there and your shoes are amazing! i just wish you did them in 12 :(; like the u-shoe.. what a wicked cool shoe.....anywho...i love your shoes john please continue with big sizes and is there any chance you may bring back the hi choice heels??? i love my pair pink and maroon LOVE!
Posted by Epiphany from usa:
where are the girlie shoes in large size

I am just heartbroken with the lack of cute girlie boots in size 12. I am a tall girl and have always looked to Fluevog for stylish shoes, but lately the boot situation has been lacking for the tall chicas. the f boots just don't cut it with a slinky pencil skirt or the retro peplums being shown everywhere. I don't understand why some of the shoe families will have some things in 12 but the super hot tall boots....not so much...does John not love us anymore????????
Posted by Sandy Mangione from Washington DC:
Why don't you make

Please make some of the men's swordfish shoes for women please

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