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Posted by Wendy from Gravenhurst, Ontario:

PLEASE bring back the red baby cakes, boots begging now I need a pair LOL ...... BAD <3 ]:o)
Posted by dhornsey@cogeco.ca from lasalle Ontario:

I am very unhappy that you have stopped making women's shoes in small sizes. I can't be the only person who bought size 51/2 shoes every year. What's up with that? (:-& X-)
Posted by Nancy Klepsch:
A poem to paint on my sneakers

When we are 50 your hairline will move back my eyes will have laugh lines and we will always look 18 to each other
Posted by Frances Gower from Hamilton, Ontario:

Every late autumn for the past 15 years or so I dig out my coolest and most comfortable boots on the planet. I get the occasional look and comment and people wanting to know all about them! I have had the zippers replaced only once and I believe new rubber heels? I have friends who are obviously wishing they had a pair call them my "dom" boots!! :-D
Posted by Judy from Coquitlam:
My Mother's Day Gift

I was saving up for my very first vacation and that all went to pot when I found out I needed surgery for an incisional hernia...so I thought OK...I'll wait and spend some of my savings on a pair of Fluevogs instead...well tragedy happened...My best friend's son took her to Vegas and he collapsed...was brain dead and I gave her my savings instead because it was the right thing to do...lo and behold, my daughter gifted me with a $300 gift certificate for Mother's Day...I finally picked out my shoes today...still sad about the tragic loss of my best friend's son and still trying to save up so I can continue to help her...I would have been happy with $4 shoes...but now I have to learn how to accept gift myself and today was a start. I thanked my daughter for this wonderful gift...I call then Janine Fluevog shoes and will wear them with much endearment.
Posted by JD from Vancouver:
Sample Sale Sorrow

I faithfully lined up for the sample sale in June and was front of the line. I got in and asked for any size 8's. I was told to try the 7's as some fit big. So I did. I tried on countless pairs of 7's sitting on a bench and found 3 that would fit my size 8 feet. As we were told if we let go of the shoe, we lose it, I guarded my pile with my life, not daring to walk away from it. We were given the "you have 10 minutes to shop" speech which added to the panic. I didn't get to stand up or walk in these delightful shoes. I did when I got home and regrettably, 2 out of the 3 were totally unwearable. I called the store Sunday afternoon begging to come and try to exchange for bigger size 7's, fully appreciating these were final sale. The bill just said "sample shoe" so I could see no valid reason (like inventory purposes) that they couldn't be exchanged for something I could actually wear (I didn't call Saturday as I knew how busy it must have been but by the response I ultimately received, that plea would have more likely than not fallen on deaf ears). I was told nothing could be done until manager's return Tuesday. Someone else had asked the same thing Saturday but the person didn't know how that was resolved or how to resolve it on their own. I went in Tuesday and was told by the manager that every last shoe was gone and that I should sell mine on the Fluemarket. I tried to have them stretched but sadly still have two pairs of Fluevogs that are unwearable for me. I get it that they were final sale but this is not some company without heart or flexibility - I am extremely disappointed in the lack of accommodation shown to a lover of these shoes, especially when something could have easily been done with minimal effort on the store's part. (-(
Posted by Lori Grierson from Michigan:

When are you going to bring these beloved styles back??? :-(
Posted by Rita from Portland, OR:
Excitment and Love

Back in the '90's, I was in high school and living in Tallahassee, Florida. I remember saving for MONTHS to get a pair of Angels..and finally got them and loved them for years. Eventually the leather wore out and I could no longer wear them (15 years later). I moved to Portland, OR recently and just found your store while walking around downtown. I bought another pair of the shoes I love so much! So GLAD to be in a city with you around! :D
Posted by Chris from Ottawa:
bring back Hildegard

Posted by carri from United States:
response sandals

please please re-make these!! mine are wearing out and I LOVE THEM!!! in orange, preferably!! thank you in advance.. anxiously awaiting their reappearance

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