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Posted by Nanci Lee from Halifax, NS:
Resists the devil

Resists alkaline and the devil. Mine are over ten years old and they still do.
Posted by Brigitte from Germany:
A miracle!

I already own the red suede Miracle Lourdes boots but couldn't stop dreaming about the olive version. Only three days ago I ordered them from endless.com and got them TODAY!! :-O European Fluevog fans need to check out that site, they may not offer the same choice as your homepage but they have some great bargains, free delivery and a pre-calculated import tax added upon ordering, which means you don't need to pick up the parcel at some customs office and deal with paperwork, which is really a hassle and puts me off ordering from overseas. Oh, and the boots are gorgeous ... but you knew that already! :-)
Posted by Michele. from Halifax:
fringes with n/l/o/w heel...

the faith hi jericho... love at first sight. sure i can do a 5 inch platform/heel (maybe) for a night out. but these vogs are way too cool to keep in the closet. what about a faith LOW jericho for daily wear?! pretty pretty please.
Posted by Rebecca from Winnipeg, Manitoba:

I desperately need a closed toe hot pink shoe! I have the Bip sandals in hot pink from years ago but I desperately need a closed toe shoe for the colder months!!!! I like the Elif but it not bright pink enough! I need real bright pink! Please make one! I would be so grateful!! Maybe the Malibran?????!!!! Rebecca www.winnipegstyle.ca
Posted by Robyn from Winnipeg:
Prepare Guides

These are beautiful and feel like they'd be super comfortable except they're definitely for people who do NOT have a long second toe. Please make something like these with a more almond shaped toe, or maybe an open toe.
Posted by Julie from Wisconsin:
I need a navy shoe!

I'm looking for some cool navy shoes! Preferably heels. It seems like such a thing does not exist. (Baring that, more pink shoes please!)
Posted by John from PNW:
Why the cutback in quality? I still wear my Angel boots I bought in '98 - but I fear it wouldn't be a smart choice to buy another pair, which is sad for me because they're such hot kicks. Please bring the quality back up to the old standard.
Posted by alex from Boston MA.:
I'm obsessed with the Prince George shoe

I'm obsessed with the Prince George shoes! I am totally in love with them and can't wait to be wearing them everywhere I go. Been buying outfits for them and am going to look smashing on, I'm going to be broke but it's totally worth the look! Hope john comes out with more men's heels! :-{
Posted by Julie from new hampshire:
favorite shoe would love to see it again

Hello I have a favorite pair of shoes. They are blue and red maryjane like shoes. they looks similar to the mini but without a heel. I love these shoes but i purchased them in sf when i was living out there about 6 or 7 years ago. I wore them all through so much. ie.. my pregnancy, working as a child psychologist everday... now i wear other fluevogs which i do love but nothing will replace these. they have a nail coming up from the sole now, the bottom sole is falling off and it is time to retire them but i love them. i have purchased other fleuvogs but they dont compare to this simple colorful maryjane like (mini look with out the 3 inch heel) are you ever going to make these again??? I love them they were the inspiration for my practice. We used my shoes and their colors as a representation of the buisness because they were such a fixture.... sad to see them go
Posted by Carolyn from Toronto:
Prepare Leader Obsession

I am OBSESSED with the Prepare Leaders. Am I wearing a running shoe? A slipper? Walking on a pillow? It sure feels like it!! No, I am wearing an uber-stylish, uber-cool shoe that gives me height and comfort and I can walk for miles, ok, kilometers. They are DEEEVINE. Now, PLEASE PLEASE, can you make an open-toe or sandal version so that I can strut my stuff in them all summer long? PLEASE... @>-

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