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Posted by Katt from Big Island Hawaii:

I first saw your shoes on Jenna Ushkowitz on the Valentine's Episode "Heart" on Glee...I went searching for this shoe she had on when she was singing with Harry Shum Jr, LOVE by Nat King Cole. I even sent an email to the Glee Fashion Artist. She is the one who gave me the brand and here I am...I think your shoes are heavenly and I am getting ready to order my very first pair...
Posted by John from Burlington, VT:
Yes please!

Though we're close to Montreal, we'd sure like a store here in beautiful downtown Burlington Vermont! :-}
Posted by Kimberly Lawless from West Virginia:
Location! Location! Location!

Hey there, We need a Fluevog store in Pittsburgh, PA! I'd settle for one in Louisville, KY, too, since I go there quite frequently. Both cities are large and have a good, funky group of people who would probably buy them. Waddaya say? When ya gonna come my way? Kimberly
Posted by sharyne from vancouver bc:

I have been buying your shoes since your first Gastown location circa 1970???..an I'm still lovin' them....I can remember the excitement of my first pair
Posted by Hawth from Washington:
Starcrossed Lovers

Only Fluevogs can melt my icy heart.
Posted by Paule Ann Capak from USA:
A Look

Just happened to come upon this site and I really enjoyed looking at the unique shoes. What a gift to have creating beautiful foot wear and they look so comfortable to wear. I'm hoping one day I will be wear a pair of Foluevog foot wear I hope continue success for your company A Shoe Lover Paule Ann Capak
Posted by Jennifer from United States:
Are mine real?

Just picked up a beautiful pair of boots from a 2nd hand store in Seattle. Everything about them screams Fluevog (including the soles and tags) BUT how can I truly know if they are real? I only question because they are in PERFECT shape, don't even seem worn, and I got them so dang cheap! Any hints as to what I can look for to be sure? LOVE FLUEVOG P-)
Posted by Dsan from Woodridge:
Blue Turbine 1611

I have purchased 3 pair of the classic turbine style and the most recent being the Newbury and a re-selection turbine 1611. I love the fit, the style and the uniqueness of this shoe but I wish that you provided it (1611) in a indigo or dark navy blue. I would buy them and I pretty sure other men as well. Could you shed some creative coloring on the turbine??? :-) :-D :-(
Posted by Carla Feinstein from Portland, OR:
Smaller Bankers

I love all of the Banker boots, but my feet are small. Couldn't you make them for women, too? Please!
Posted by Tom from Massachusettes:
Pony Fur

I would really like to see more pony fur styles. My first pair of Fluevogs were dark brown leather with beautiful dark brown pony fur over twenty years ago. I also liked the John Waynes from a couple of years ago. Bring back some more!!!!

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