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GOT SOME FLUEVOGIN' TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? Here's your chance! Share your voice, speak your Vogin' mind, tell us how you feel, tell us how your pets feel, tell us how your Fluevogs feel and sign The Fluevog Guest Book (and, please, no vulgar language as Fluevogers vary in age and height).

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Posted by Karen from san francisco:
thank you

just wanted to say thank you to the ladies at the haight street shop. amazing time finding shoes for my wedding and i found the perfect shoes- even for my crazy big feet. thank you monika for getting all of your large sized shoes for me to try on! you took the trauma out of shoe shopping. thanks again!
Posted by Nicole from Winnipeg:
True love

Even my chihuahua loves my Bondgirl boots. He pees on everything except them. :-{
Posted by Alicia Roman from alicia@burntchicken.com:
dream shoe

I love all of your shoes! If I could have one Fluevog wish, it would be to have a version of your Prepares Guides in a sandal or peep toe version. I'd buy them in a heartbeat!
Posted by Florence Larisse from Lyon France:
Acheter des chaussures de Lyon?

J'ai acheté deux paires de vos chaussures à Montréal en février dernier!Plaisir des yeux et plaisir kinesthésique!Comment acheter sur site sans passer par un store puisqu'en France il n' y a pas de magasin vendant vos beaux produits?merci!
Posted by Dan Stad from Toronto:
Great Stuff!

My wife just adores your work!
Posted by carri skoczek from United States:
shoe polish

dear fabulous fluevog people. i love love love your shoes.. i've been wearing them since the early eighties.. the only thing i beg of you is to make shoe polish to match the beautiful colors thank you, carri
Posted by Judy from Coquitlam:
Fluevog is ruining my vacation plans

I haven't been on a vacation forever. I work in Vancouver's DTES and thought a trip to Vegas would do me some good. I'd be able to get away...see an old friend...chill out in a hotel for a few days. This was actually my New Years resolution...get away! Anyways, for some odd reason Fluevog entered my thoughts and ARRRRGH...I am sensible...I'd rather see something for my hard earned dollar...a trip would give me memories...but heck...to own a pair or two pairs of Fluevogs would be a dream come true. I've been wanting Fluevogs for years. Now's my chance! Looking forward to going shopping...Vegas can wait!
Posted by Missy from SF:
Love my Vog stores

Oh Fluevog, my bank account suffers so, but it is so worth it. And I wanted to give a big thanks to the guys and gals in the downtown SF store. They rock and I always leave there smiling...even if I didn't get new shoes that day.
Posted by Brigitte Carrier from Québec (Québec) Canada:
imagination et merveilles

Je trouve ces chaussures merveilleuses, encore plus celles pour hommes qui font preuve d'une imagination fantastique et dont la fabrication semble sans défauts. J'irai prochainement faire l'acquisition d'une paire mais je ne sais pas encore quelle chaussure me fera un pied de rêve. J'aime dessiner des chaussures pour le plaisir et vos chaussures ont sûrement été créées avec beaucoup de bonheur. Félicitations.
Posted by Andrea from Vancouver:
Dream Shoes?

Hi Fluevoggers:) I have a pair of Frankie boots which I absolutely LOVE!!! I can walk for hours in them without any problem. Since spring is approaching I went into my local Fleuvog store in search of a pair of perfect shoes for work and daily life. What I love about my Frankie's are the amazingly comfy soles. However, all the shoes I found with the thicker flat-ish soles are kind of, well, "so-so" in terms of style for me. I was wondering whether you could create my dream shoes....? They would have the same type of sole as the Frankie's (are they called "Angel soles"???), but the shoe part would be much more feminine and cute (more like the CBC's or the Illeana's or the Flagstad's). I asked the lovely gal at the store whether you in fact had such a shoe. She said that, unfortunately, there wasn't really exactly the type of shoe I was asking for, but she suggested I send a message to recommend that such a shoe be created. She guaranteed that all the comments posted online actually do get read. I've got my fingers crossed! I have loads of friends who swear by their Fluevog boots, but frequently hesitate when it comes to buying your shoes because they are either too dressy or too chunky-clunky. As someone who spends a lot of time on her feet for work, I would LOVE to get my hands on a pair of flat shoes with supremely comfy soles that aren't so masculine-bowling-looking. Can you help??? Thanks for considering my suggestion:) You could call them "The Andreas." Just kidding. But seriously, please think about it....

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