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Posted by Mariloo from Montréal:
razzia aujourd'hui sur St-Denis ... J'ai acheté 4 paires de Fluevog !
Posted by Jackie Ellis from Durham NC:
Hope Reverie = Extraordinarily Happy Fee

My Hope Reverie boots arrived this morning in a box wrapped in a lovely shade of bluebird egg-blue wrapping paper. I was going to ask if you could ask John Fluevog to pick me up in his extraordinary car and journey with me to the Grand Canyon so I could be in one of the coolest places on the planet talking with a man whom I imagine is one of the most interesting human beings on earth. However once I slipped into these beautiful boots and took a stroll around the livingroom carpet, I realized that in these boots I will always be in the coolest place on earth wherever I am every time I have them on. I declare I am now a Fluevog devotee for the rest of eternity. I have worn some amazingly comfortable shoes and boots (Think!) but they all pale in comparison to the experience of the feel, design, and craftmanship of Fluevogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did buy these online without trying them on first (duh!) and ordered size 10.5 because I have jesus feet. Turns out the heel slips when I walk in them, so it is possible that in Fluevogs, my shoe size may actually be 10....at any rate, I am sure we can figure this out together. I am in love with these boots - yes, really. Thanks especially to Genevieve in Quebec for talking on the phone with me in English (not easy, I am sure!) and for making this purchase experience such a delight. The email I sent her this morning I cheated on translating from English to French as my French is rusty so I hope it says what I meant...(yikes!) You are all totally awesome and I can't thank you enough for great footwear and wonderful folks who actually really care about what I am looking for and getting it right - very rare indeed these days...
Posted by Erin from Halifax, NS:
Hello! I'm a huge fan of Fluevogs (currently shopping for my 11th pair). I was watching Glee, which always has the greatest fashion, and saw a pair of the greatest boots on Tina's feet. They were definiately Fluevogs, but none I have ever seen before. I found a website who talked to someone at the company, and he thought they were black Mini Babycakes with cream spats over top of them. I love, love, love them!! Please, please consider making these boots. I would buy them in a second.
Posted by Stephanie Hickson from Bellmore, NY:
my saving grace

Recently i broke my back in a unfortunate accident. Now imagine a major NY fashionista who's used to sporting the latest and greatest stilettos reduced to being told she needs to wear "sensible" shoes. (yes..i'm gasping right with you! lol) I was down and out ready to throw in the towel heading to Beacons Closet with my arsenal or giving it away to charity (coworkers lol),,SUCH a sob story..but alas the pity party was over when i remembered my old friend John Fluevog..if he could dress Lady Miss Kier he could CERTAINLY do something sensible for me. i ordered my first 6 pairs (lol) as a trial. When i put these shoes on i wanted to tear up for the sheer fact that there was a little man/genius designing things that could actually LOOK avant-garde but feel like your childhood Buster Browns honey! It was then that i knew i could go on, and be crippled..but do it in style..THANK YOU J.Fluevog!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by seriale from poland:
great site

These shoes have gotten me more compliments than any other shoe I have ever owned - not only are they unique looking and go with everything - but they are comfortable enough to wear for hours when shopping or working or walking - just love them. Best advertising for Fluevog ever - people stop me in the street to ask where seriale I got them and are they as comfortable as they look! ]:o)
Posted by Prace maturalne:
Great and amazing site.
Posted by Katt from Big Island Hawaii:

I first saw your shoes on Jenna Ushkowitz on the Valentine's Episode "Heart" on Glee...I went searching for this shoe she had on when she was singing with Harry Shum Jr, LOVE by Nat King Cole. I even sent an email to the Glee Fashion Artist. She is the one who gave me the brand and here I am...I think your shoes are heavenly and I am getting ready to order my very first pair...
Posted by John from Burlington, VT:
Yes please!

Though we're close to Montreal, we'd sure like a store here in beautiful downtown Burlington Vermont! :-}
Posted by Kimberly Lawless from West Virginia:
Location! Location! Location!

Hey there, We need a Fluevog store in Pittsburgh, PA! I'd settle for one in Louisville, KY, too, since I go there quite frequently. Both cities are large and have a good, funky group of people who would probably buy them. Waddaya say? When ya gonna come my way? Kimberly
Posted by sharyne from vancouver bc:

I have been buying your shoes since your first Gastown location circa 1970???..an I'm still lovin' them....I can remember the excitement of my first pair

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