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Posted by Raine from Calgary:
Begging for more

Please, please please PLEASE bring back the Angel Michaels in Burgundy and Black. I can't believe they escaped me!!! Also, I foolishly vowed that my next pair of Fluevogs would be those and no other - and now there are so many beautiful shoes - but no Burgundy and Black Michaels!!!!
Posted by Angela from Winnipeg:
Who needs kids when you can have a new pair of Fluevogs every month!
Posted by Luce from santa cruz ca usa:
best soles on earth

I LOVE FLUEVOGS!!! buy more boots!!!
Posted by Britney Casey from United States:
It is almost the way way future

I got my first pair of Fluevogs in the 80's. I will never forget going into that tiny space by The Market (AKA Pike Place, in Seattle) and hearing the Cocteau Twins playing in the background while I shopped and then buying my white 3-buckle super-pointy shoes. They were perfect for my angsty new wave persona... funky but not black like all the other bat-cavers were wearing. Anyway, I have been a dedicated customer ever since. I have a question for a J.F. "old-timer" - what year was it that you put out the promotional "futuristic" posters that were a 2015 calendar? I got one, mounted and framed it and now, I think I have a collector's item on my hands. Soon I can actually use it! And maybe I should get a free pair of shoes if I bring it into the store? (can't blame a girl for tryin') Thanks! Flog On!
Posted by George Rigby from Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA:
Constant 'vogging compliments!

I've acquired five pairs of 'vogs since falling in love with my first pair, two years ago. Now it seems I can't get on the elevator at work without getting yet another compliment on my shoes--or, more precisely, Fluevogs. John Fluevog sure knows how to boost a person's ego!
Posted by Angie from over the rainbow:
How many Fluevogs does it take?

How many Fluevogs does it take to make a girl happy? Well....maybe just one more, please? Loving the new Zambezi and Urumbamba...which to choose, which to choose! What is a girl to do!
Posted by Alenka Grealish from PDX:
Sad re. customer service in PDX - haven't heard from you

You sent a promising response to resolve the poor quality heel issue of my boots, but now almost 2 weeks later, nothing. I sent an em per your suggestion with my ph# and got no response.
Posted by Janice Russell from Ontario Canada:
Purely Awesome

I have no words to describe these shoes....they are purely awesome. I have been a very avid shoe shopper for different yet comfortable shoes. A combination which I have rarely found until now!!! These are my first but will certainly not be my last....thank you!!!
Posted by Gabriele Anna Lesch from Stuttgart:

Today I shopped my first Fluevog Shoes in Warsaw! Great! Thanks! Walking is now like flying! (Before I had to take my bike for getting this feeling)Feeling great! ThX a lot! G
Posted by Alenka Grealish from PDX:
Sad...anti customer service encounter

Ouch,just had 2 very anti-customer encounters with PDX store. Problem: heal veneer on boots that I have hardly worn is peeling off and looks terrible (in contrast to my daughters' Fluevog boot heals--older than mine--which aren't made with a veneer). All the mgr and sales person could say over & over is "sorry 8 mos. warranty." And say this to a person who has not only been a customer but also an advocate. Wow, striking, no creative problem resolution, no empathy, just policy... Well @ Fluevog price point, customers should receive stellar service for that's the only way boutiques are going to survive in the world of m/e-commerce and giants like Nordstroms which provide stellar service... Very disappointed, now a naysayer of Fluevog. Convince me otherwise.
Reply from John Fluevog Shoes at Fluevog:
Hey Alenka, I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a disappointing experience with one of our stores. We would really like to speak with you further regarding it; could you please email us at info at fluevog dot com? I know that we can work together to find a solution!

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