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Posted by Marcelle from Australia:
i wanna play too!

I love and live in Fluevogs! But I am sooooo envious/depressed/frustrated/jealous that I recieve such tantalising and 'wantable' offers/info that I can't act on from way over here in wonderful, (but fluevog choice deficient,) Melbourne, Australia. When will we be able to shop your offers and have international shipping available? Please please consider, xoxoxoxo Marcelle (:-& (:`(
Posted by Gig from PL:

I need a pair of good running shoes. I was looking for good brand of running shoes and came to your site. Amazing products. I have to admit that they present themselves beautifully. And so from running shoes "I came" to the walking shoes. :D Perhaps I will order soon ;)
Posted by Mrs. Kennedy from Southern California:
I Love my Lancasters

A friend of mine found some blue Lancasters on eBay and I began to covet them immediately. But Fluevogs in my size don't come along every day, so I finally bit the bullet and bought mine full price, in black. Normally I'm at an 11+ in Fluevogs but Denny e-mailed and talked me into a 10 and I'm grateful he did, they fit like a dream. SO MUCH swagger in these boots, they're perfect with straight-leg jeans and are my go-to boots every day of the week. They also look great with a long skirt.
Posted by Jan from San Francisco:
Love, crave, need wishlist

I second the suggestion for a Wishlist feature! :-) That'd be (A) a fabulous way for giftgivers to see what I lust after, and (B) a fabulous way for me to keep better track of my lust. Every time I browse the site or visit the Union Square shop, I fall in love with something else, so I'd love to be able to flag 'em for myself later. Seeing as how I have no intention of stopping the Vog collection, that is! My first pairs back in the 90s were the Punch & Judys and the Barcelona Santiagos... my last 2 pairs were the Babycakes and the Huascarans... and I've got my sights set on on the Notting Hills and the Miracle Lourdes (and the Agneses and Mattie Silkses and Libby Smiths and Britneys and Coventrys and Montagus and Melissas...) There is nothing like a pair of shoes that says "YES YES YES" to you with every step. <3
Posted by Monkey from New York:
First of all, I love Fluevogs. Im a proud and giddy owner of four and no future contraceptives in sight. I just ask, could you please start making shoe polish to match your colors? Please? Also, I ask miraculously that you please bring back Hope Cherish...maybe in a magenta/red with orange version.... Keep doin' what you're doin!
Posted by Projekty ogrodów:
Interesting shoes :)
Posted by Karen from Tucson, AZ:

I've always loved Fluevogs -- owning them, trying them on, browsing new styles, appreciating colour combinations... right now I'm doing all of this through the website, since I don't live near a store. I was thinking this morning about how great it would be if the Fluevog website allowed users to create wishlists. So I could make a customized list of the shoes I'm lusting after, with my colour and size preferences? This time of year, when people start asking what they could get me, it would be so wonderful to be able to say "Oh, well, if you must, I have a wishlist on Fluevog..." Then perfect shoes for Christmas! Oh well, in the meantime, I'll just have to get really good at dropping hints.
Posted by Cynthia from Edmonton, AB:
Resurrect the Fatima!

Hello, kind please contact me via email when the Fatima in Turquoise (body) and Grey (cute bow) would be resurrected. I can't seem to find a comfortable pair of teal/turquoise heels for my wedding. The big day will be some time in 2013. Thanks, Vog! @>-
Posted by Yvonne M from Rochester NY:
Where have all the sizes gone?

As a recently recruited fluevog fan who has fallen in love with the Adrian alli, two times,I am worried. Love the ultra funky look of that shoe and have a great desire to acquire the boot version. Unfortunately the selection of sizes is..non-existent?! Please say they will be restocked soon or perhaps color changes are on the horizon, but please don't say they will be no more...
Posted by JM from Vancouver BC:
The BEST !!

I was 15 when i first discovered your shoes. I am now 40. I LOVE them. I still have a few of the old ones that were so pointy. you really make great shoes

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