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Posted by Mike from Canada:

Hey, Your shoes are great, and a treat to witness or wear. Where do you stand on ethical manufacturing, ethical sourcing and sustainability? I'd like to know, cause I'd like to feel even better about your products. Thanks :-)
Posted by Chrissie:
I was wondering if you would ever bring back the Hildegard boots??? I missed out on them and think they are perhaps the most wonderful pair of boots in the world! Please bring them back!!!
Posted by Frank from Calgary:
What a fool I have been!

Many years ago, a young man discovered a wonderful candy shop full of delicious treats. Except it wasn't candy - It was shoes! They also weren't particularity delicious, but they were very comfortable, Anyhow, this young man (it was I), purchased several pairs of these magical shoes - the Gibson super-point comes directly to mind. Wondrous things happened. He ceased to walk the earth and instead glided to and fro amongst the masses - the super points guiding the way. Alas, time passed and shoes wore down. This young man grew old and forgot.... Until today! What a pleasant surprise to find that the magic lives on! With a location in my very town! Bring on the shoes!
Posted by Phil Olinger from United States:
Just got my Tokyo Yokohamas!

... and they're amazing! The leather is sooooo nice. It's like butter. I've worn them an hour, and they're already in love with my feet. Thanks for another amazing pair of Fluevogs!
Posted by Jayashree Shamanna:
Deseprately seeking Nico

Hello, I have been on the lookout (desperately to say the least) for the Hi Nico boots from the Together line for over a year. Please please, pretty please bring it back. If you can do half sizes in this boot, it would certainly be appreciated by most of us whose size is neither here nor there. Thank you.
Posted by Janet from Whitehorse, Yukon:
I thought you might be interested in a little project I've just taken on. It will feature a number of pairs of Fluevogs. Please check it out and tell others. It's all for a very good cause. Learn about it at: http://blessmysole.wordpress.com/
Posted by Shira from NYC:

I have been coveting your Hildegard boots since I first saw a picture of them online, but alas, even then I was too late and you'd already stopped selling them. Please, please won't you contemplate bringing them back? Or issuing another knee high boot in the Soprano family?
Posted by KAtharine Mills from Los Angeles:
Wedding Shoes?

I love the shoes and how wonderfully comfortable they are. I am getting married in June 2012.. and would love to walk down the aisle in some feminine flirty fluevogs.... my wedding dress is ivory lace and sequins.... it it possible to have a pair of wedding shoes designed to match?
Posted by Alba from Sydney:
Is there going to be any vegan shoes this season? I've been checking back often and am worried they may never come which makes me cry a little inside. On the bright side, at least my bank balance appreciates it...
Posted by sharon meehan from Sacramento, CA:

thank you for the many amazing, classy and stylish choices, but you have far too many great shoes, and i cannot decide which ones i want. this is torture for me. i want all of them, but my bank balance does not allow me!! arrgh.. `:O

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