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Posted by JiaMin from St. Louis:

Absolutely love your shoes, but I wear between size 4-5 depending on the design, wish you make more smaller size. Or will you allow custom order? Thank you! JiaMin
Posted by Ann Tiernan from United States:

Hello. I own a small boutique in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have had at least a dozen clients ask me to carry Fluevogs. Do you allow boutiques to carry your shoes? If so, I would love to apply to carry them....and my clients would love me!!!!! Ann Tiernan ann.trumancurtis.shoes@gmail.com (:-|
Posted by Tani MaChette Nestor from Eugene Oregon:
My heart STOPPED!!!

I was browsing The Vog site as I often do in my spare time day dreaming and wishing they were ALL MINE! When I can across the New "Leaders"... My heart was beating so fast I almost lost my breath. I squeeled and turned around the laptop to show my husband expecting mim to roll his eyes and comment on how I should get the Boots instead... When to my surprise he agreed that the were amazing and sexy... WHOA... so a few days later when I took my Cooper to the shop we walked downtown Portland to check out the new shop! AND THERE THEY WERE... I had to try them knowing that payday was to far away... there I was looking in the mirror hoping and wishing a miracle would occur and these would be mine... we left had lunch and my husband broke the news ( after watching me reluctantly leave the store with a sad face) that my xmas present was a block away... OMG... REALLY!!! I was a bit loud... we finished our cocktails and bought the shoes... LONG LONG story short... my second pair of vogs and not certainly my last! BTW walked about 10 miles in them (it seems) the first day and not a sinlge complaint. fit like a glove and walking on clouds... BEST SHOES EVER! My heart still skips a beat when I see them... IN MY CLOSET! MINE!
Posted by Missy from Bay Area:
"Those are real show-stoppers...just show-stoppers I tell you!" -Comment from stranger while walking around my my new Vogs.
Posted by Michelle Hinson from United States:
My first Fluevos

I just got my first pair, some Operetta ankle boots. What beautiful and COMFY shoes! Also I ordered online -- breaking my old rule that I don't buy shoes without trying them on my big feet -- and it took three tries to get the sizing right. I started with a pair from Boston, then Chicago, finally NY, and I have to say your guys have THE BEST customer service ever. Peter in Boston started the ball rolling and it rolled smoothly until I got the right pair. Thank you, Fluevog staff everywhere! I'll be ordering more. In the right size.
Posted by jill from london, ontario:

I have searched Fluevog stores throughout Canada but can't find the fellowship kathy mary-jane in tan and white. :-( Maybe if enough "Fuevoggers" ask for this great shoe, they'll make it again...I won't give up. Cheers! Jill ,-)
Posted by Emilio from Florida:

I recently discovered the wonderful World of Fluevog. I was immediatly attracted to the Future Angels James in the olive color @>- . But, I was quickly devastated to find that they are not available in my size :-(. If only I could get the company to start producing them again!!! Second best would be for someone who is selling a pair of Future Angels James [Olive] men's size 11 to email me at egonzalez@fmdc.org. Thanks!
Posted by Nell from Chicago:
Free and Nurse families?

I have a lot of Fluevogs, but these two families are my all time favorites. I have two from each family and am getting worried about wear. Will you ever bring them back? Is there any old stock available?
Posted by too many boots from US:
Inges for sale

I am selling several Fluevog boots and shoes on eBay, including a fabulous pair of Inge Sopranos, just so that I can buy more Fluevog styles. Check them out!
Posted by Dina from Long Beach, CA:
I want the Alli Boot

I love the Alli Boot in Black. Why doesn't it come in a size 5?? :(

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