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Posted by Elizabeth Hoyle from Toronto:
My Johnny Fluevog -- Shoe breaker story

Canadian -- working a bit in San Diego -- sitting in a La Jolla concert hall and a very hip young couple are sitting beside me. Younger than most in the crowd. And, she has these slamming shoes on. I had just bought my first three pairs of John Fluevogs and I said, "Love your shoes, are they..." And she responds Johnny Fluevogs? Yes. He's from Vancouver, but I get them in San Fransisco." Love them. That was our "shoebreaker." We broke out in instant conversation because we knew we had something in common. I doubt I would have talked to the person next to me. But the shoes did it. Your shoes telegraph a personality type!
Posted by paige from vancouver:
fat fingered quick thinkered

i fat fingered an order for green boots instead of black, when I realized what I'd done I called the shipping location (gas town) and the guy helped fix my order and also gave me fit advice amd I woulnd up getting a bigger size. they came today and I love them so!
Posted by Alexandra:
Please bring back the Body Part shoes!! I miss those gorgeous and comfortable shoes!!! The booties, the heels everything!!! Please Fluevog bring them back!!!
Posted by Crettia from Detroit:
Noooooo too narrow Tanya

I absolutely love the Tanya but alas I have a wide foot. I love your shoes but they do love me. Make wides sometime. I thought about ordering a size up but one of the comment said still tight. Nooooooo!
Posted by Lynn Snowdon from Canada:
Favorite Shoes

Fluevog shoes and boots are my absolute favorite. I always receive numerous compliments and comments on the unique styles. Everyone loves them.
Posted by Mark from Danvers, MA:
I Believe I'm Ok...

now that I'm in the Flue network. My boots fit my feet and my spirit. So glad I found John Fluevog. Thank you Denver store
Posted by Tani James from United States:
Come to Austin, TX

Please come to Austin, TX!
Posted by Jeweleigh from Hamilton, New Zealand:
a bit of Canadiana down under!

As an expat Canadian I am always a bit homesick. So happy to discover Fluevogs are available in Auckland, thanks to the delightful Viv. I bought a delicious pair of Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Vivs in Black, white, pink today and I am in love. Next up will be the grey paisley Caravaggio!
Posted by Kathy from Akron, OH:
First pair

I just received my first pair of Fluevog's, the black and white Mini Bunny. I'm so in love!!! I've been wanting a pair of Fluevog's for 25+ years and finally took the plunge. I suspect they won't be my last either. I felt just like Cinderella when I put them on. <3
Posted by Kim Clifton from Portland, OR:
More women's size 12's please!

I am a long-time Fluevog customer and love love love your shoes - I currently have 8 pairs, but would love more. Please consider making more women's styles in a size 12 - there are plenty of us out there!! Specifically, if the red pony Derby Swirls came in a 12 I would buy them immediately, if not sooner! It's such a bummer to miss out on so many awesome shoes...Thanks!

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