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Posted by Mary Holmes from United States:
Those Everyday Fluevog Fotos that are anything but everyday.

http://www.fluevog.com/flueblog/category/everyday-fluevog/page/2/ If you don't hire these people, buy these (the october series) for an ad campaign, or give them a lifetime supply of shoes, you are seriously undervaluing the phenomenal images they have crafted on behalf of your products. An art show at a bare minimum. Blow up posters. Something, for godsake. These images, like your shoes, are works of art. I hope you appreciate them properly.
Posted by Wendy from vancouver:

I just wanted to take the time out and thank two special guys that helped me out a couple of weeks ago Allan and Jaik thanks so much for all you two did my husband loved his new vogs, I'll be sure to come back for my FIRST pair Hugs Wendy
Posted by Tom O:
Angels made in China

Wow, So disapointed. I have a pair of the Angels made in Poland and they still look brand new after all these years. The quality was amazing. ISO 9002 certified, But the quality sucks I really wish MFG went back to poland. The Chinese are pros at cutting corners. SO SO disapointed. I wonder who bought the Polish facility? Maybe they have the better product now.
Posted by Anthony Taranto from Brooklyn NYC:
Front zip mens boot from the 90's

So my favorite boot ever was your front zip boot , black leather with white stitch which I used to the point Of disintegration , so I bought another pair which lasted many years, I had my Angelic soles replaced for free by you! Now it's over a decade ago and I feel I don't want but need to own another pair if those boots! Is there any reasonable Way to have these boots made? I know there must be others out there who feel My passion. Please let me know if there is a way to have them made,
Posted by Sarah from Oxford, England:
A dream come true

Dear Mr Fluevog Many years ago, as a teenager, I followed a link from a blog and discovered your beautiful shoes. Living in England I knew I would have to wait until I was able to visit the US or Canada to purchase a pair. I've been waiting for about 10 years but this year I finally realised a dream and made my first trip to New York. Thanks to the very helpful staff in your SOHO store I also purchased my very first pair of Fluevogs. They have already made two outings and been admired by all my friends. Hopefully one day I can make another trip and buy some more!
Posted by Lindsay from Texas:
Wanted: Perfect flats

Dear Mr. Fluevog, I love your shoes. I have three pairs. I want more. I am currently in the market for the PERFECT ballet flats and I would LOVE to give my money to you. So listen to me now and do as I say... ;) Please make some lovely, simple-yet-funky ballet flats in BUTTERY soft leather that will fit an average width foot. Please make them have light elastic at the sides of the heel but NOT at the back of the heel, that part must be smooth. Please create them in a range of both fun and practical colors: black, red, nude, and any other awesome hues you can imagine. And when you do as I have instructed, I will give you all the money I can spare to acquire several pairs. Thank you. <3
Posted by Anne from Minneapolis, MN:
My Fluevogs made me well.

I wore my fabulous new Fluevogs to my cousin's wedding. They whisked my morning sickness away and I danced all night!
Posted by beige from Love,ca:
In my opinion...

Fluevog- a company which seeks out advertising from the public, in return for shoes and your picture on their website; have seemed to incarcerate themselves within a certain market. A rather narrow demographic consisting of momma-billy has-beens and the occasional weekend goth at best. With a slogan as specific as "unique soles for unique souls", the average consumer is lead to believe the product is not universal, but designed for the non-conformist in mind. Single handedly axing a solid chunk of potential buyers from even a sliver of consideration. Here is where firsts impressions play major roles. At first glance, the shoe IS different, by aesthetic, however it IS still a shoe. Adding that you must be unique to wear the shoe only instills the same message as the visual does, in turn creating a double negative effect. If you tell a rebellious person to rebel then the whole scheming idea is tainted. Their claims are contradicted and instead of the consumer feeling individualized, they're lead to believe they are in fact, actually one of many. I feel that your horizons are only as vast as you imagine them, in John Fluevog's case, extremely shortsighted .
Posted by Misty from Las vegas:
Shoe laces

On fluevogs laces are still functional!!!! I love that!!
Posted by Ann Robinsomn from Windsor, Ontario, Canada:
Fluevog Poster Contest

This contest is a great opportunity for talented artists to show their skills. However, if the winner with the most votes wins, and the artist with the most beautiful poster is not consider-ed,it is more of a popularity contest. Does any-one else think the same way?

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