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Posted by Finn:
I was a long time fan of Fluevog's until recently. My recent on-line shopping experience with the company has completely put me off. Without going into long and boring detail, suffice it to say that I am extremely dissatisfied with how company staff in the Toronto store handled, rather mishandled my attempt to purchase a pair of Angel Derby Swirls. It is now clear to me that the company has little interest in keeping their customers happy. It is also clear that the quality of their product is not what it used to be. Before you buy, make sure you know where your shoes/boots were made. Additionally, when the website says an item is in stock, that may not be the case; I found this out after having received an e-mail confirming my purchase. Caveat emptor!
Posted by nan albertson from Sweden:
Mini Lovers are going to the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Dinner Party

Yup, that's right! I'm hoping I'm not breaking any Nobel rules, but hey! Mini Lovers look great everywhere!
Posted by Valkyrie from Greensboro, NC:
Fluevogs---Loved and appreciated by all walks of life

I just stepped out of a coffee house and was approached by a grizzled homeless man. I reached for my purse to get a dollar and he touches my hand to stop me. He has an earnest look on his lined face, and my initial reaction is, uh oh, what could he possibly want? He says "Wait a minute....Wait a minute...." He is pointing at my shoes. I look down at my black Fluevog Prepare Rappel's and grin. I said, "You, my friend, have excellent taste in shoes! I exchanged the dollar I had planned to give him for a 10 and said Hapoy Holidays, and walked away, still grinning....
Posted by Beate Våje from Norway:
Fantastic shoes, great service

Received my wonderful Kitchy Kitchy Boom Boom Liz (Teal) today, and I am over the moon! After e-mailing back and forth, I went for size 8,5 (8 is my normal size), and they fit perfectly. Great customer support from Johnny in Boston! And they arrived perfectly in time for the office christmas party tomorrow! Will rock them all night and swim in compliments, I am sure. These are my second pair of fluevogs, and I'm pretty sure it won't stop there... Wish you could open up something in Scandinavia though, the tax on online shopping from abroad in Norway is ridiculous! 25% extra. But it will be forgotten tomorrow ;) Love to all who work at Fluevog xoxo
Posted by DonitaD from gastown:
Great Service!

I am thrilled with my new pair of Malcoms, they are sexy and fit like they were made for me. Andrea from Gastown was patient and helpful with me on the phone while working out an exchange for a previous pair that did not fit. She was courteous and demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the product. I really appreciate this, and if she had not been awesome, I most likely would have just gone for a refund. Thanks again Fluevog!!
Posted by Willard Lake from Washington,D.C.:

I Love the Joy of traveling into the Fluevog stores it makes me feel like I am in the Club of the moment whether I am in Canada, or here in The States where I grew up. I have one of those Whole-Life feelings as soon as I get it together and Grab my Fluevog bag...I know a new route to travel has only just begun to unfold. Every single store has its own unique design and character,like a free-lance artiste has to have .
Posted by elle from Alberta:

please Mr Fluvog as a long time patron from the fox and.....days on Granville st. I am ashamed to admit the number of pairs I and my partner have purchased I would love to purchase multiple belvue shoe preferred or boot in a very nude leather colour. Hope fully you will heed my prayers and Consider Cheers Eleanor
Posted by Elle from Alberta:
Bellevue Devere

LOVVVVVVVVVE LOVE LOVE this style and would totally purchase another is a size 8 in the paisley as well as a black or grey leather or something else beautiful you dream up Cheers
Posted by Karen from San Francisco Bay Area:
Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Boot

I love the KKBB family. Can you Viv in a boot? The sole is perfect and the heel is a great height. I would love to be styling some Fluevogs while riding my Harley Davidson Lowrider. Oh, and could there be an extra detatchable something on top of the left toes and instep so the motorcycle shift lever does not scuff the top of the boot? Perhaps the shift lever needs a Fluevog "shoe?" If you do make KKBB in a boot, my bike is a deep sparkly blue with some teal lowlights and piping. If I was better at drawing, I would put my idea on open source.
Posted by Justin:
Shout out to Sana at the Calgary store for getting my shoes repaired and back to me so quickly. Really appreciated it.

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