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GOT SOME FLUEVOGIN' TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? Here's your chance! Share your voice, speak your Vogin' mind, tell us how you feel, tell us how your pets feel, tell us how your Fluevogs feel and sign The Fluevog Guest Book (and, please, no vulgar language as Fluevogers vary in age and height).

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Posted by Lisa from Seattle, WA:
I LOVE my shoes!!!!

Need I say more?!!! They are so beautiful and comfortable!!!!
Posted by Salome from Iqaluit, NU:
Thank you!

A huge thank you to Chad from Gastown, BC for the great service in processing my order and to Tamara in packing them with love. I look forward to my new footware each time I order from Fluevog because they are the most comfortable shoes/ boots Ever made and also because they are always packed with wonderful little messages that totally makes me smile.
Posted by Brigitte from Germany:
Perfect Day?

I guess I'm not the only one who finds today's newsletter headline in bad taste ("free Shipping to Walk on the Wild Side")?! RIP anyway.
Posted by Lori Watts.( Lala to my grandchildren) from Cheshire Ct./ Swampscott, MA:

Would love J. Fluevog to construct a retractable heal in the hourglass style heal, placing it on his basic pump so we can start the day exercising in a flat,&#128094; lunch wearing the heal in 2 inch height &#128097;and end the day ,dining perhaps,extending it to 3".&#128096; ( or via versa) &#128522;
Posted by Sonia Bray from Sydney Australia:
Fluevog New York

Hi, I just wanted to give your crew at the New York store a massive thank you for the great service they gave my partner Mike and I on our recent trip there. We called in there on the Sunday and was greeted by Shawna who was so helpful. After looking at several pairs of shoes we bought 4 pairs between us, 3 of which had to be shipped from other stores. Shawna made sure they were all marked urgent knowing that we were only there for the week. I called in on Thursday to pick them up and 1 pair had still not arrived. One of the gals on duty called the delivery guy to find out where he was then took off down the street. She arrived back shortly after with my final pair of shoes under her arm. I was so excited I bought a 5th pair of shoes lol! Once again thank you guys for the fabulous service. Best I have ever come across! Regards, Sonia
Posted by Bev from Calgary:
Thanks Tanya!

I want to send out a big thank you to Tanya in the Calgary store. I had managed to get wet mud all over my favorite Pilgrims, and I thought they were done for. Tanya, after much effort on her part, was able to get them back looking almost as good as new. I was so excited by such great customer service, I was compelled to buy yet another pair of Fluevogs (four and counting).
Posted by Nora from Minneapolis:
My new shoes

I wanted to say that I just love my new shoes. They are very comfortable. I ended up buying two pairs of shoes. How do I download a pic of my shoes? Can someone let me know. Thanks, Nora
Posted by Mary Holmes from United States:
Those Everyday Fluevog Fotos that are anything but everyday.

http://www.fluevog.com/flueblog/category/everyday-fluevog/page/2/ If you don't hire these people, buy these (the october series) for an ad campaign, or give them a lifetime supply of shoes, you are seriously undervaluing the phenomenal images they have crafted on behalf of your products. An art show at a bare minimum. Blow up posters. Something, for godsake. These images, like your shoes, are works of art. I hope you appreciate them properly.
Posted by Wendy from vancouver:

I just wanted to take the time out and thank two special guys that helped me out a couple of weeks ago Allan and Jaik thanks so much for all you two did my husband loved his new vogs, I'll be sure to come back for my FIRST pair Hugs Wendy
Posted by Tom O:
Angels made in China

Wow, So disapointed. I have a pair of the Angels made in Poland and they still look brand new after all these years. The quality was amazing. ISO 9002 certified, But the quality sucks I really wish MFG went back to poland. The Chinese are pros at cutting corners. SO SO disapointed. I wonder who bought the Polish facility? Maybe they have the better product now.

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