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Fluevog Gift Certificates

Fluevog Gift Certificates are emailed to you or the recipient, and can be spent online or in any John Fluevog store. They are available within a few days after purchase, for printing or for delivery by email. Certificate orders are processed Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PST, excluding holidays and weekends.

Please fill in the form below to customise your Fluevog Gift Certificate!

Customise your Gift Certificate
Enter any whole dollar amount from $15 through $999. Certificate will be in $USD and can only be redeemed in the same currency. Change your settings here.
Your recipient's name (or pet name!), for display on the certificate.
Your name (or "secret admirer", or "your snuggle bear"), for display on the certificate.
A personal message from you to the recipient - or leave this blank to include a default message.
Certificate delivery
Now decide how you want your certificate delivered. As soon as the certificate is ready, we can email your recipient the certificate URL where he or she can redeem the certificate and place an order. Or, if you prefer to deliver the certificate personally, or at a set time, we can send the certificate details only to you, and you can pass them on when you're ready, or even print out the certificate to present it as a gift.
Delivery option:
We will notify you at the email address you provide during checkout.
Type the recipient's email below and we will send a link to view and redeem the certificate! We will also send you a courtesy notice, of course!
Recipient's email: