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Toronto, ON

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Posted by fluevy:
but what if a rat eat the heel?
Posted by John from Toronto:
Cool and decadent!
Posted by ella:
These are amazing!
Posted by Linda Whitfield from Toronto:
Posted by Basil from Toronto:

Whimsical, unique & creative! Gotta love 'em.
Posted by Ian from Sarnia:
Sweet Vogs!

Love these shoes! Hope they come in men's 13!! >-)
Posted by corkie from Toronto:

Amazing! Good enough to eat. The tastiest feet around!
Posted by susan b from Toronto:
Ice Cream Carni-Vogs

The Strawberry Vanilla Swirl Bootees with Ice Cream Cone Heels are too much - LOVE them !!!!! Carni-Vogs Rock
Posted by Del Mehes from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA:
Lickety Split

As the proud owner of my own Fluevogs - I love the creative individuality they give the wearer. I think Kate's "Strawberry Vanilla Swirl" will turn heads lickety split when seen strutting down the walkway...or mallway. Cheers, Del
Posted by Mary Vasyliw from Windsor, Ontario:
I love the design especially the cone heels.

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