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Toronto, ON

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Posted by dawn horstead from Beaverton, OR:
please make them now

these are FABULOUS and I will sell my sister to own a pair in ladies size 9.5 wide, or regular ten (did you feel that brick hit you?)!
Posted by eve from chicago IL:
room in the toes!

if this shoe was make with this shape toe box to fit my Fred Flinstone feet, i would by them in every color.
Posted by Susan from Perth, Western Australia:
Love, love love

Very clever and very wearable. I would love to wear shoes in this shape.
Posted by Matty J from New Zealand:
Do it

Posted by cori from burlington:

WOW, I would so wear these!
Posted by Rene' Moase from Atlanta, GA:
Love your awesome Bumper Car shoes!! I'd wear them! :-)
Posted by Basil from T.O.:
Very cool and very creative! PS - Would these soften the kick to the shins?
Posted by corkie from Toronto:
Dancing shoes for sure! No one would step on these toes!!
Posted by susan b from Toronto:
Bumper Car Carni-Vogs

Yes, life is more than a circus and our shoes do take a beating... these are so cool, I'd wear them for sure!!!!! I absolutely love the design of these bumper cars with tiny driving wheels,and flashy side detailing...not to mention the seatbelt/straps to keep you from falling out of the car - Style-plus++++in my favourite colours too... Bumper Car Carni-Vogs are too cool - bet you can dance in them too - let's rock and roll!!!!!
Posted by Wanda Elonge from Houston, TX:
Made for Bumpin'

Everyone should own these!

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