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Torres Novas, Portugal

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Posted by Beverly:
Love everything about these EXCEPT the platform sole. Take that away and I would NEED these shoes!
Posted by Alexandra from Boston:
A beauty of mythic proportion

Wearing these with a filmy dress would make any girl feel like a sprite , a fairy or a wood nymph! Love them, need them, make them please!
Posted by S.k.:
Love them!
Posted by sarah from Austin, TX:
Love these!

Eve's sexy shoes? A harder-edged, sexy, confident, mother nature inspired shoe. I'd totally wear those. I agree commenter before me, just reminds me of leaves more than flames - fiery leaves. Great shoe that inspires interpretation.
Posted by Meloy from Toronto:

I love the midi heel of this design and the unique flame-like shape on both heel and toe! These could go form day to night and everywhere in between.

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