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The Form

STEP 1: Upload your shoe design
Your design:
Browse to find your shoe design and select it to send it to us. Your file must be horizontal / landscape view!
STEP 2: Tell us about yourself
Only your first name and city/province/country will be shown publicly with your design.
Your name:
First name
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Email address:
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Postal/ZIP Code:
STEP 3: Send it!

Remember, once you send this design to John Fluevog Shoes Ltd., it becomes public domain, owned by no one and with no compensation in any form. That's it, that's all. Nada.

NOTE: Your submission will appear in the gallery within 3 to 5 days once it is approved by an administrator. Thank you.


1/ Email your design to opensource@fluevog.com 2/ Fax it to (604) 688 8474
3/ Mail it or bring it
into any of our stores (click here)
Please wait while your file is uploaded. Feel free to use this time to be proud of yourself or to focus on your breathing or to daydream...

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