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Photo Contest
Weird Contest

You think we are weird? We know you are weird too..

Embrace the weirdness and show us just how weird you can get! Take a picture of yourself in a pair of Fluevogs doing something weird, wearing something weird, with the words "No, You're Weird," and submit it here to win! Feel free to use any of our store's windows for a backdrop, or if you don't live near a store use a card or add the words "No, You're Weird" to your picture. Contest expired on December 24, 2010 at noon PST.

John chose the weirdest photo to win the Grand Prize - $1000 Shoe Dollars! Click here to see the winning submission.


Check out the Weird Gallery of submissions. Hover your mouse over any photo to see a larger version.


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Sara & Beth
Photo by Sara & Beth, Virginia Beach
The Great Vogini
Photo by Cat, McLeese Lake, BC
Elizabeth Blachman
Riki Tiki Tavi
Photo by Elizabeth Blachman, Norfolk
Sara Blachman
Photo by Sara Blachman, Virginia Beach
Hooved Archer Irena
Photo by vlkoslek, New York City
Heather Mulligan
Comic Geek
Photo by Heather Mulligan, Madison
Daw B
Fluevog shop made of cardboard, glue and printer ink
Photo by Daw B, St Catharines
Daw B
My very own little Fluevog Shop
Photo by Daw B, St Catharines
Fluevogs pair well w/ Snuggie! v. 2
Photo by Miranda, Los Angeles, CA (SF Store)
Fluevogs pair well w/ Snuggie? v. 1
Photo by Miranda, Los Angeles, CA (SF Store)
Fluevogs and Snuggie w/ Marching Band
Photo by Miranda, Los Angeles, CA (SF Store)
Kelly John Rose
Believe it or not!
Photo by Kelly John Rose, Toronto
Photo by Maryes
Tim Muster
Photo by Tim Muster, Los Angeles
Abby Muster
Rock-n-Roll Baby!
Photo by Abby Muster, LosAngeles
Melanie Clarkson
Mina 3
Photo by Melanie Clarkson, Los Angeles
Melanie Clarkson
Mina 2
Photo by Melanie Clarkson
Melanie Clarkson
Photo by Melanie Clarkson, Los Angeles
Even among 600 other Santas, I always stand out in my Fluevogs!
Photo by Jezebelle, Los Angeles, CA
Recorder wears Fluevog
Photo by Xylo, Tulsa
But of course Santa is a Vogger
Photo by SSmithNY, New York
Donna Rutkowski
One simply MUST wear Fluevogs with a Bison hat! while in the kitchen
Photo by Donna Rutkowski, Winnipeg
Wanda Gogh?
No, your weird. Frozen lake? No problem.
Photo by Wanda Gogh?, Minneapolis
Fluevogs for dinner
Photo by RoBro, Minneapolis
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