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Photo Contest
Weird Contest

You think we are weird? We know you are weird too..

Embrace the weirdness and show us just how weird you can get! Take a picture of yourself in a pair of Fluevogs doing something weird, wearing something weird, with the words "No, You're Weird," and submit it here to win! Feel free to use any of our store's windows for a backdrop, or if you don't live near a store use a card or add the words "No, You're Weird" to your picture. Contest expired on December 24, 2010 at noon PST.

John chose the weirdest photo to win the Grand Prize - $1000 Shoe Dollars! Click here to see the winning submission.


Check out the Weird Gallery of submissions. Hover your mouse over any photo to see a larger version.


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Amy Siqveland
Fluevog: The Cherry on Top of Fashion
Photo by Amy Siqveland, Minneapolis, MN
Topsy "Huggem" Ovaltine McGee
Gimme some sugar
Photo by Topsy "Huggem" Ovaltine McGee, Hollyweird
Yuri "She's the Weird One" Lowenthal (& Tara "He's the Weird One" Platt)
Let ye who is without weird cast the first stone.
Photo by Yuri "She's the Weird One" Lowenthal (& Tara "He's the Weird One" Platt), Hollyweird
Doug Broussard!
We love being weird. We love our Fluevogs! (See the mouse hiding in my hoodie?)
Photo by Doug Broussard!, San Jose, CA
Photo by Brianne
Amped Up
Take them off? Why?
Photo by Amped Up
We are weird and we love your shoes
Photo by We are weird and we love your shoes, Vancouver, BC
Dame Agnes
Photo by Dame Agnes, San Jose, CA
Mike Meadows
Photo by Mike Meadows, Austin
Amped Up
Three out of four ain't bad.
Photo by Amped Up
Stitchin' in my 'Vogs
Photo by Riann, Kamloops
Spenney and Doug
Doug says "No, You're Weird!"
Photo by Spenney and Doug, Halifax, Nova Scotia
cherie savoie
Its all about the shoe's
Photo by cherie savoie, Norco Ca
Amelia M
Need higher heels!
Photo by Amelia M, Port Moody
Amelia M
Some day my prince will come....
Photo by Amelia M, Port Moody
Amelia M
Inspired by my Fluevogs!
Photo by Amelia M, Port Moody
Mittens Morgul
Another weird Tiki
Photo by Mittens Morgul, New Market,, MD
Mittens Morgul
Photo by Mittens Morgul, New Market, MD
Wednesday Mourning
Beautiful Grand Nationals
Photo by Wednesday Mourning, San Francisco
Trina Gallop
Really? You think this is weird? You should see what else she dresses me in...
Photo by Trina Gallop, Winnipeg
Martina Beatty
First Seattle Trip, First Fluevogs!
Photo by Martina Beatty, Reno
Jennifer G
Formal Wear
Photo by Jennifer G, Chicago
Jennifer G
my favorite seat
Photo by Jennifer G, Chicago
Miss Malaprop
World's Deadliest Bird Weird
Photo by Miss Malaprop, New Orleans
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