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The Black Spot Sneaker

Are you ready for some Unswooshing?


During the last couple of years, John Blackspot Fluevog has been working with the Adbusters gang, as they take their battle with corporate capitalism to the feet. "The classic Blackspot Sneaker and v2.0: The Unswoosher were both designed by John Fluevog, known for his cutting edge innovativeness and flair." (Adbusters)

The mission of Blackspot Anticorporation of Adbusters is to establish a worldwide consumer cooperative and to reassert consumer sovereignty over capitalism. "We hope this blackspot sneaker venture is the beginning of a new era in ethical, worker-friendly, environmentally friendly production in the entire shoe industry." (Adbusters)

The shoes comply with vegan standards and are sold in independently owned retail stores worldwide or online at adbusters. BACK


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