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The Dandy Warhols

Lead Dandy gets the Boot

Dandy front man Courtney Taylor-Taylor, a long time Fluevoger, had always felt there was something missing in his life: “The boot itself was something that I always wanted somebody to make for as long as I can remember - a sort of Cowboy boot with the upper of an English Riding Boot. So I was really excited when John called.”
The two worked tirelessly until they were certain the design was perfect. They would connect in various foreign regions when their schedules would allow, to ensure the utmost secrecy until launch time. Below are some shots of when the two stopped off in Blood Alley, Gas Town for a quick photo shoot on their way to the studio to put the finishing touches on their latest duet-single “Lay Your Blanket Under the Stars”. In these shots Courtney is wearing the first pair of Dandy Warhol Boots ever produced. Luckily, we continued to produce further pairs in a variety of sizes – get your own here.

Photos by Stephen Wilde


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