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The Pin-Up Girly Show

The Lights Were Hot, The Drinks Were Wet.
But Nothing Beat The Cheesecake

On March 10, 2005 Fluevog Sponsored the "Pin-Up Girly Show" in Vancouver. The evening showcased the Pin-Up artwork of a number of Vancouver Artists, who have often used Fluevogs in their pieces. The event, which sold out much quicker than expected, had a number of highlights, the most exciting being the 5, pin-up themed, fashion shows - all of which showcased the latest and greatest of John's creations. BACK

Tanya Fournier: Director/Stylist - Kevin Genzel: Digital Artist - Heath Milne: Photographer

Tanya Fournier: Director/Stylist - Kevin Genzel: Digital Artist - Phillip Chin: Photographer


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