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Which Fluevogs are you SALE 2011

• SUNDAY, JANUARY 2nd 2 0 1 1 •

One of the benefits of wearing Fluevogs is that you can communicate to the world who you are, and what you stand for, instantly without adding to the already overwhelming collection of global noise. Given the diversity of people and their moods, all needing to silently relay their hopes and dreams, their confidence and cares, John has always set out to make an equally diverse collection of Fluevogs.

Unless you have a super rare case of Monocharemo, you probably feel differently at different times. Well, now is the time to get your silent communicators at a great price. Are you a classy but saucy Bellevue, or a regal Executor? Perhaps you're a Dog on Mondays, but more of a Paperboy on Friday. Maybe you're a Resist in the office, but a Bodypart in the evenings. Regardless, you are the multiple versions of you, and that's beautiful - the point is, the shoes you like are probably on sale...

John Fluevog SALE!

John Fluevog Shoes has often been referred to as the weirdest shoe company on the planet. Since Larry King proclaimed "Weird doesn't even cover it!" in 1948 the word has stuck - contributing to Fluevog's sweep of the 1951, 52 and 54 Weird Awards. Being a huge, formally run, informally dressed, transcontinental mega-corporation on the inside, it only makes sense for Fluevog to open where our market lives - and ever since we split the 1953 Award with the City of Portland we've been on the look out for the perfect space...

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