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Which Fluevogs are you SALE 2012

• MONDAY, JANUARY 2nd 2012 •

Now that the triumphant holiday of good cheer & fellowship has come to an inevitable close, it's time to get back to a familiar time of subtle selfishness and number1ism. Three years ago, Mary came into the Boston store and was looking for those Minis that were going on sale... she found them! Do you have an 8.5? she asked gingerly? We did! But funnily enough, your sister just bought them replied Brian. From that day forward, Mary never told a soul about anything she was interested in – she even tore down SALE banners at the stores she loved, while wearing a fake mustache and earmuffs as a disguise.

So take heed, shoe loving, comfort hunters... speak of this SALE to no one! No chit chat with the barista, no vocal day dreaming near attractive greeters, and no excited Fluevog discussions within earshot of eavesdropping African Greys. Zip it. Turn off your social-geolocationary tracking devices and your computer's spider cookies and get on over to Fluevog and find the pair of Vogs you love for up to 60% OFF! (And probably in your size.)

John Fluevog SALE!

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