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Which Fluevogs are you SALE 2012

• FRIDAY, JANUARY 6th 2012 •

Studies have shown that 4.2% of broken relationships come directly from competitive shopping conflicts between friends & family members (FluevogSCIENCE). That's why we've only sent this reminder of our famous January Sale to you, and other card carrying Fluevogers.

Most of you have now left this text and are already checking to see if the shoes you like are on sale, but for the three of you that are still here, don't make any sudden movements, casually go to fluevog.com or saunter into your local Fluevog Retail establishment, and secure the last remaining pair of your chosen Fluevogs in your size, before your sister, best friend, co-worker, or croquet coach does. Then celebrate your treasured relationships and feel free to share the Good News of Fluevog.

John Fluevog SALE!


FC Brief

This is the beautiful Miracle Medugorje it's not out yet. However, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for it as decided by fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get it for free when it comes out in the Spring. Be the change Save the world from BAdverts!!

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