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• WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20th 2 0 1 0 •


In an unprecedented Biopedical move, Fluevog Farmaceuticals® has further reduced the prices of many of the available Flueshots. Remember, if you shy away from public interruptions, random clapping and general positivity, these Flueshots may not be for you. While highly addictive, there are no known cases of overdoses from Flueshots. (Side effects may include instant jubilation, chronic butterflies, and dizziness caused by increased levels of compliment reception.)

Once again, we were overwhelmed with wonderful submissions for the latest FluevogCreative brief: The New Spring Radio CBCs! It's no surprise really, Fluevogers have always had the highest percentage of creatives of any international 'ers. The finalists have been chosen and Fluevogers are again called to perform their Fluevocratic duty and decide on the next official FluevogCreative (cue super intense, semi-elevator background music). Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.


John Says: "Spread your soul with every step."

There can be no doubt that 2010 is going to be a big year for the planet - most importantly because it's the 40th Anniversary of John Fluevog Shoes. There will be an onslaught of releases, collaborations, events and promotions throughout the year to celebrate, and although we haven't thought of most of them yet, one thing's for certain - there are some incredible celebratory shoes coming. We'll let you know when they arrive, but in the meantime here's a sneak preview of the 40th Anniversary Derby Swirl... coming soon.

In other brief Brief News... get a sneak preview of the Spring VEGAN Bellevue, now posted as the latest FluevogCreative Brief. If this squeezes your creative juices, get creating - there's fame, fortune and Fluevogs up for grabs! If it simply makes your vegan-loving toes dance in anticipation, they will be in stores soon.

John Fluevog Shoes is excited that The Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver in less than a month (February 12 - 28). If you plan on coming to beautiful Vancouver for the games, be sure to schedule some time to come by The Fluevog Flagship in Gastown where Fluevog Miracles are conceived. If you're in the heart of downtown, make a pilgrimage to the longest standing Fluevog Store in the world, firmly planted near Granville and Robson. John Fluevog Shoes is not officially tied (laces or otherwise) to The 2010 Games... but we're pretty excited.

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