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Which Fluevogs are you SALE 2011

• THURSDAY, JANUARY 20th 2 0 1 1 •

A famous unknown source once decreed that every person is actually the combination of five and a half personalities on average. Now, it's certainly not for us to judge whether three personalities is better than six, or whether you can only choose two to come out during any given evening or meeting, or whether yours are lopsided on the yang side. We're here because finding and acquiring communicative, representative Fluevogs for each one can be difficult, and we're trying to make it easier by taking the sale list deeper and wider!

John Fluevog SALE!

For the final collaboration of his 40th year, John worked with vog-visionistas l.a. Eyeworks to create a beautifully crafted pair of eyeglasses for Fluevogers needing that extra kick in the visual accessories department. What you are gazing upon now is the sole vision and cahootification of these two strong and free organizations embodied in a pair of eyeglasses so Fluevogianly l.a. Eyeworks that we were held to making 70 pairs - a single pair for every year the companies have existed.

Each individual frame's number along with John's handwritten "Sole Vision" is printed on the inside temple, on a gorgeous frame of checkered black and translucent Fluevog Red. Lastly, each frame contains a special TSA-approved x-ray lens that allows you to see through brick walls and the Emperor's new clothes (patent pending & mostly untrue).

John Fluevog SALE!

The Prepare Guide brief closed earlier this week and it's that time again. You may think you're too busy, or you're feeling tired, or you will just leave it up to the millions of other FlueVoters, but this is Voting we're talking about here! As a Fluevoger, this is your opportunity and your community duty. Dictate what other Fluevogers and non-Fluevogers will see when flipping through the pages of their treasured magazine, or strolling happily past a beautiful poster.

Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.

John Fluevog SALE!

If this gets your juices flowing, we have recently uploaded a new design brief for the Rules Curie, looking for artwork. If you have the world's greatest ad stuck in your head for this shoe, and like the idea of Fame, Fortune and Romance, get it out of your head and into FluevogCreative. Be a part of global Fluevocracy and save the world from bad adverts.


There were some crazy weird entries to our No You're Weird Contest to say the least - it was a marvelous demonstration and celebration of fluniversal weirdness (if you missed it, here's the weird gallery). There were so many awesome entries that John took ages to come to the final decision, but when he did, he felt confident that he made the right one. Congratulations Miranda! We felt it only fair to also hand out honourable mention prizes to five other entrants (which then became six). Thank you to the millions of Fluevogers who submitted photos - stay weird.

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