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• TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd 2 0 0 8 •


The Bank of Fluevog continued to astound analysts yesterday when it made further reductions to rates, fees and charges while continuing to keep its core offering at 100% Interest Guaranteed.Additionally, as a gift to all loyal Fluevogers, The Bank of Fluevog is now offering FREE SHIPPING when 2 or more pairs of Fluevogs are ordered. "...there has never been a better time to Invest in Fluevogs..." comments the FT.


John Says: "Soul to Sole... see better, walk longer."


Last Thursday afternoon, Emmily casually wandered over to fluevog.com and ordered another pair of John Fluevog tall boots, from the comfort of her own stylish home in Oslo, NORWAY. She had no idea that she had stumbled upon such a milestone. (Emmily, those Rosabelles are on John.) The irony of the 40,000th order being placed by a fellow Norwegian, got John to thinking about life and websites, and he truly thanks the previous 39,999 order-placers as well as all future order-placers for making fluevog.com the greatest e-commerce website in the history of the Universe.

(FREE SHIPPING offer valid for continental USA and Canada. Ground service only. Offer good for orders of 2 pairs of shoes or more.)

While John toils away at creating the social networking site of all social networking sites, he has added himself to both Facebook and MySpace and is in talks with said sites regarding a name change (Fluebook and MyFluevog is what he's shooting for). In the meantime, feel free to become a fan of John's on Facebook, and a friend of an individual John Fluevog store on MySpace. Needless to say, both of these actions will have benefits beyond being generally awesome.


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