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John Says: "Try Walking in My Shoes."

For full fledged Fluevogers, John has brought out two limited edition silver Fluevog pendants. One is styled like a coin featuring the classic Fluevog Angel that is on every Angel sole, while the other is of the iconic Mini Lily Darling. Perfect for those who want to keep John's designs and messages close to their heart.

Let's face it, it's business time - and these new Body Parts take care of business like nothing else. With these luxurious beauties wrapping you in soft patent faux-reptile leathers lined in gold and laying you on a surprisingly comfortable 4" golden heel, attracting new business will be the least of your concerns.

A couple of years ago, a feathery friend flew the coop to visit John in his open-windowed home.  John tried to shoo the bird away by singing Upon the Wings of Love and flapping his arms about. Although the irony of John's behaviour was not lost on the bird, he stubbornly stared at John and refused to budge, until John gave up and went to bed. The next morning, John woke up to find the unwelcome visitor hadn't left. After a few more attempts, John pleaded with the bird: Thank you for visiting, but I think it's time for you to go home. The bird tilted his head at John, paused, and flew out an open window. Often inspired by odd occurrences, John drew up the designs for a new Family called The Look, and in it, a knee-high boot called The Heron consisting of a flat glossy sole, a 1" heel, and a thin soft leather making this the perfect boot for flying above the flock.


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