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• THURSAY, JANUARY 26th 2012 •

It's official... our reductionists have made it quite clear that these are the last price reductions on these and all other beautiful Fluevog Sale Shoes and Sale Accessories. There are well over 100 styles for crippling prices in our stores, and when you consider colo(u)r variations in each style, well your head might spin clean off (harder to wear over the shoulder bags)(and hats). This is probably your last chance to get the shoes you've been eying, in your size, for up to 60% off. So head into the store as soon as you can, and on your way don't say anything... maybe put your foot in your mouth.

John Fluevog Sale


FluevogCreative Exhibit

On Friday February 3rd, Fluevog Chicago will unveil the traveling FluevogCreative Show that launched itself in San Francisco's Union Square over a year ago. The exhibit features all four finalists from FluevogCreative's first eight briefs showcasing 30 artists in total. Please join us at 1539-41 N. Milwaukee Ave between the hours of 5 and 7 for wine, nibbles, art, people and Fluevogs.


FC Vote

If there was ever a time to start raising your voice it's now. You're as opinionated as you've ever been, and your ability to check boxes has never been stronger. So help us make an artist's day and a magazine's ad by voting for the best Miracle Medugorje artwork and joining the Fluevocracy!!


Other Retailers

These are the beautiful Arc Halfmoon Clogs they're not out yet. However, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for them as decided by fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get them for free when they come out in the Spring. Be the change! Save the world from BAdverts (and perverts).


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