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The SAD Sale

As a last hurrah to the SADdest Sale we've done this year, we're offering FREE Domestic Shipping on all orders of two or more pairs until this Sunday night! Like wandering into an elevator containing that person you once dated, you're trying not two make eye contact with this offer, but the subconscious draw is two strong. You try two casually go about your business, but like the crinkly candy wrapper sound you hear coming from your co-workers desk, you just have two know the details!... These are the BEST prices we've had all year, on the GREATEST shoes around, with FREE domestic shipping on two pairs or more!

SAD Sale Shoes


Fresh Fluevogs

Have you ever had that uncomfortable dream where different families get together and see what happens? Well, the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Family combines the fit of The Hopeful Family, aniline leathers from The Mini Family, rubber soles from The Hope Family, and a modified 2" Wearever heel, making The Liz Mary Janes the perfect multi-Familial offspring that Fluevogers have been dreaming of!


FC Brief

When was the last time you designed an international advertisement for the greatest shoe company your nemeses have probably never heard of? If it's been two weeks or more, it's probably time to get back on that horse. Fluevogers will vote, and you could walk away with $1000 of Fluevogs. Join The Fluevocracy!!

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