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THE LAST MOMENT OF TRUTH February, 5, 2003

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OKAY: There's your version, there's our version, then there's the final days of the big Fluevog sale where you can still get up to 60% off selected merchandise. When it comes to great shoes at great prices, hey, our cheque is in the mail. We have really extended our annual January Sale into the first week of February to help all you naysayers see the light. If you hesitated before, this is your last chance to get to the Truth of the matter before it's too late. John Fluevog's Nothing But The Truth Sale officially ends on Friday, February, 7, 2003 at noon Pacific Standard Time.


A brand new line of shoes called HALOS are expected to arrive so soon that we couldn't wait to tell you about them. Kicked off with Anastassia Pojidaeva's Open Source Footwear design (pictured below in Black with Green Embroidery) and expanded to include a couple of summer sandals, the new Halo's are lightweight ballerina-inspired flats to replace those worn-out cheap flip-flop sandals that you really do need to do away with. What's best though is the honest to goodness feeling that wearing a pair of Halo's on your feet will give you. Not only are they extremely lightweight and comfortable; when you purchase a pair you will also feel good knowing that $2.50 is being donated to charitable programs that send underprivileged kids to camp. Organized through the Bowery Mission's Kids with a Promise program in New York City and Keats Camps in Canada, we intend to help a whole bunch of kids have great a great summer this year in the great outdoors.

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John Fluevog's eagerly awaited follow-up to the Dogalogue and Bad Dogalogue is almost here! Filled to the brim with some of the newest shoes for Spring and Summer, John Fluevog's Book of Truth will clear up any mysterious doubts you may have had about what's really going on in the world around us. Although it's not expected to arrive until the end of February; if you want to be one of the first to receive it, you MUST MUST MUST get your name and address on our mailing list pronto! If your name is not already there, go to the "Do our Survey, Get a Catalogue" link at the top of our website and tell us something about yourself. While you await the arrival of The Book Of Truth, you may be lucky enough to win a free pair of shoes! That's exactly what happened to Allyson Minteer, Brett Paguirigan, Jennifer Lee and many others. They won free shoes and were sent a free catalogue. How about that? Two minutes of your time could equal two free things! We can't think of an easier way to find the Truth than that. If you get on the mailing before February 15th, you should expect a catalogue in your mail slot by March, 15th, 2003.

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