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• FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11th 2 0 1 1 •


In the name of the great St. John Fluevalentine, let's remember to give thanks for all those we love: mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers, sons & daughters, friends & neighbors, pets & co-workers, humans and non-humans. If a hug is a possibility, go ahead and throw a few of those around on Monday.

In the spirit of the day, we wanted to show you a selection of new Spring shoes that recently hit the Fluevog shelves. They're here in glorious Valentine hues, but most are also available in Thanksgiving, Fluevog Day, Christmas, Get Well, Congratulations, or Columbus Day hues as well.

Congratulations Molly de St André! Molly is our latest official FluevogCreative. A world traveler, artist and teacher, Molly submitted artwork for the PREPARES (coming out very soon for Spring), was up against some other excellent submissions, and came out on top thanks to your voting! Have a gander at Molly's previous work and the inspiration that led to her winning submission, and then look for her artwork in publications around the globe.

If this gets your juices flowing, nurture it, as we have recently uploaded a new design brief looking for artwork. If you have the world's greatest ad stuck in your head for this shoe, and like the idea of Fame, Fortune, Romance and Juice, get it out of your head and into FluevogCreative. Be a part of global Fluevocracy and save the world from bad adverts.


John Says: "True love comes from the soul."

If there was ever any doubt that Portland deserved a Fluevog store, 'Portlandia' should have put those concerns to bed - in fact, 37 months ago, John financed a pilot of his own for 'Fluevandia' featuring a star-studded cast of lesser known celebrities (we're still waiting to hear).

For those of you who are patiently waiting, we promise we're going as fast as we can. We've got a great spot, we're about halfway there with the interior (which may or may not involve a large automobile), and the shoes are arriving any day now.

Fluevog Portland is coming soon, and we can't wait!

As part of Fluevog's GPP (Global Partnership Program) for unified world domination, we work with the best and most unique independent shoe stores on the planet. For a gander at the list, click here.

If you're in the West Coast of Canada looking for a Fluevog Fix, may we suggest popping into one of our most favourite stores. Swing by and say hello to Aleisha or Kerstin at Footloose in beautiful Victoria. Or treat your feet at one of the Gravity Pope locations. Enjoy Steven in Edmonton, compare Fluevogian tastes with Bre in Calgary, or get comfortable with Jody or Jeremy in Vancouver.

Remember, if you can't find Fluevogs in your city, you can always let us know where you'd like to see them in our Other Retailers section.

Back when John first invented the Internet, he would never have dreamed it would be so popular. Then when he invented Flitter and The FootBook, he clearly underestimated the competition. Now that the lawsuits are settled (and the movie went straight to DVD), find us on Facebook, Twitter and the FlueBlog for perfectly timed updates, previews, deals, galleries, and early announcements.

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