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The fresh new FUTURE ANGELS are here! Remember these are more than just Angels, they're Future Angels. Where your feet take you is where your future will be, where you walk to is where you will end up. If your feet take you to bad places, you will end up in bad places. If your feet take you to good places you will end up in good places. Our feet carry us to where we will be in the future, therefore where better to have your Future Angels than as part of your sole. In terms of Future Angelic Guidance, this is the best money you'll spend.

Angels have been around the Fluevog stores for decades now but there's always a special buzz in the air when new Future Angels arrive. Maybe it's the stylish new leather upper, or perhaps it's the off colour stitching, or is it because they have that dress/bohemian look with all the comfort of your favorite sneaks. These are perfect for the lawyer/beat poet, who is having a home cooked meal with his mother. Or for that day trader/amateur photographer reading the Sunday paper at his favourite neighborhood coffee establishment. Pure style, comfort and quality all in one - there's alot riding on your sole.

Ahhh Valentines, Love, Friends, Memories, Comfortable footwear. These beauties are set to be your staples, the ones you can depend on, the ones you grab when you can't make up your mind. They're perfect for skipping or sipping, walking or talking, swinging or singing, missing or kissing - you get the idea.

You know the feeling you get from old friends - especially when re-united? This line represents that feeling - comfortable easy-going, no pressure, relaxing. Are you keeping up with your old friends? Old Friends are Good Friends - Cherish Them.

Congrats to all of you who scrolled down!! For a limited time, we are offering free shipping on all styles in the "What's New" section! Simply type LOVE MONTH into the coupon field upon checkout and your shipping will be absolutely FREE until the end of the month. This offer is based on regular UPS GROUND service and will not apply to any orders that require air transportation.
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