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•TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th 2 0 0 6 •


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of John’s new “SoleMates Wedding Programme”. In order to be with you on your special day, The Fluevog Team selected a number of our most popular styles and tried them in traditional wedding colors, then tried them in traditional, and non-traditional, weddings. From there, using several algorithms and blind & semi-blind taste tests, we went through the painstaking process of choosing the best of the best. At the finish line we ended up selecting some beautiful styles from The Mini, The Hi Choice, The Fellowship and The Hi Fellowship lines (there’s also something there for the gents). Hey, if you’re going to take one of the most important steps of your life, be sure of your sole.

Everyone loves a good contest – especially when it’s with a group as exciting as England's singer/composer/keyboardist duo, Goldfrapp. John Fluevog and Goldfrapp are offering you a chance to win a new ‘one-of-a-kind’ Goldfrapp Gibson Guitar and a new pair of Fluevogs, as well as heaps of other Goldfrapp Garb (including their new album ‘Supernature’). Imagine getting home from work, sliding into something a lot more comfortable (think metallic and skimpy), throwing on your new shoes and grabbing your Goldfrapp Flying V to practice your next top European dance/electro/pop single. Click here and head on in – you may just win the FlueFrapp PrizePack Extravaganza!!



John Says: "See with your Sole."

Brand new Future Angelic Guidance has arrived in the Fluevog stores in the shape of The Future Angels: there is the new Baby Blue Charles (perfect color timing as you know) and a whole new Family member in Andrew. Each pair come with infinite Future Guidance, and because they can be dressed up or down so easily, you can use that guidance wherever you choose – be it at the office, the local annual Tracker Pull, the Law Courts or choosing a restaurant on St. Denis.

Our feet carry us to where we will be in the future, therefore where better to have your Future Angels than as part of your sole. In terms of Future Angelic Guidance, this is the best money you'll spend.

Having trouble deciding which Fluevog is the perfect one for your honey? Fret no more! John Fluevog Gift Certificates are perfect for that special someone who has everything. Available in denominations of $10 starting at $20 they can be used against purchases either online or in one of eight North American John Fluevog Stores... Don't Delay Fluevog Today!

Just a reminder that there is not much time left to Renew your Soul at these heavily/heavenly reduced prices. Additionally, some of these styles may be heading to the Flueseum once they’re sold out, never to return, and you don’t want to be part of the FTSSG*.

If you're planning to do any Fluevoging in the next little while, now's the time to stock up. The amount of goodness you can accomplish with a renewed soul is just short of infinite. In fact, buy a couple of pairs at these prices and you’re practically making money.  Don’t Delay Fluevog Today.

*“Fluevoger’s ‘Too Slow’ Support Group” meets on Tuesday nights at 10:45 in all church basements.



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