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• SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14th 2 0 0 9 •


This Valentines, let's remember to give thanks for all those we love: mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers, sons & daughters, friends & neighbors, pets & co-workers. If a hug is a possibility, go ahead and throw a few of those around on Saturday. If it's been a while and you've forgotten how to, come on in to a Fluevog store - we'll be happy to remind you how it's done. At Fluevog stores, hugs and hi 5s are just part of the gig (along with the best shoes on the planet).


John Says: "Spread the Love from Soul to Soul."

Fluevog & Twitter collaborate (kind of) with the development of the New Exciting Fluevog Twitter Page!

With a standard Welcome email, Twitter enthusiastically celebrated the addition of a Fluevog Twitter page. Follow Fluevog at twitter.com/fluevog for perfectly timed, 140 character tweets about your favourite shoe brand, and get the FlueNews the second it hits the keyboard.

Earlier this century, John bumped in to an old friend he hadn't seen in 30 years. It was as though no time had passed. They reverted straight back to the same connection they had in the 70s - the dearest of friends. They laughed and smiled as they caught up and indulged in reminiscence.

That night, John set to work on a new family to celebrate the reunion. This shoe deserved to be fun and comfortable, easy-going and with no pressure - and so The Fellowships were born. As they say on the sole: Old Friends are Good Friends - Cherish Them.

Are you keeping up with your old friends?

Having trouble deciding which Fluevogs are the perfect ones for Valentine? Worry not wise sir/lady! If you're in a Fluevog City, head in and grab a Fluevog Gift Card. If you're online, you can order a Gift Certificate, and via your printer can get it to your beloved in no time (you can also email Certificates to anyone). Both are redeemable at fluevog.com or in one of our 10 stores. Don't Delay Fluevog Today!


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