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• THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16th 2012 •

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Fresh Shoes

Without getting ahead of ourselves, this may be the greatest Spring 2012 Collection we've ever done. After the torturous task of cutting some promising designs that didn't quite make it, we present you with gorgeous new Families, exciting new styles in popular existing Families, and striking new colourways in best selling styles. Celebrate the rebirth of your Soul!


John Says:
"I believe."


Year of the Shoe Person of the Year

After 42 tumultuous years in the shoe industry, John Fluevog is being recognized by The Two/Ten Foundation of Canada as the Footwear Industry's Shoe Person of the Year. So next time you're wearing your beloved Vogs, remember that John's kind of a big deal... this year anyway.


FC Winner

Congratulations Lucy Knisley! Lucy is our 19th official FluevogCreative. Lucy is a professional comic artist, illustrator, teacher and writer. Living in New York City, Lucy makes comics about food, people, and ridiculous true events. We encourage you to check out Lucy's Bio on FluevogCreative to see her other incredible work — including a comic about waiting to see if she won the Miracle brief.


Fluevog Creative Briefs

These are the beautiful Arc Halfmoon Clogs they just arrived in store. However, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for them as decided by your fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get them for free. Be the change! Save the world from BAdverts (and perverts).




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