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Aqua for Spring

We dare you to Spring right into Aqua this season with an ocean of new Spring 2014 Fluevogs. These styles are so awesome that you don't need to think twice about diving right in. The collection is now pouring into stores and online, and we do believe it may be John's best work yet! Whether it’s a gorgeous pair of boots that makes your head swim, or those perfect mary-janes, our Aqua Vogs will have you drowning in compliments.


Radio Satchel

Bags are essential for freeing up our arms to do important things like hugging, high fiving, lol-ing, or hand gesturing during important points in conversation. The Radio Satchel is built with tough, Atlas leathers to comfortably fit all you need for your day. It also happens to be teal this spring, which (if you could see our arm gestures right now, you'd know) we’re pretty excited about.



Get your smart phones ready — we want to see those Vogs! Snap a picture of them for Instagram, tag @fluevog with #vog_(stylename), and your feet could get their 15 minutes of fame on our new (coming soon) site!


Communicate smoothly

The LoPro Leon FluevogCreative brief is still open and we can’t wait to see your life's greatest work. Don’t let the opportunity at $1000 VogDollars and the chance to share your genius with the world go to waste. Download The Leon Brief now and let us see the amazing Fluevog Ad we know is in there (we mean your brain).


Tkae sole time

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