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•FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd 2013•

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Repin to Win: Prepare Pouch

Enter to Win a Prepare Pouch Bag in your choice of four colours! These pouches are so versatile and have been an instant hit ever since they hit the floor. You know what else is versatile and has been a huge hit? Pinterest! That's why we let them host our amazing Repin Pouch Contest. They're a smidge bigger than us (valued at 2.5 billion yesterday), but we like to think we have a lot in common... most notably The Repin Pouch Contest!!


The Fortitude Family

Sometimes a man needs a well made, traditional gibson or chukka boot that shows he's no nonsense. The Fortitude Family suggest just that, and will carry you with class and comfort, anywhere you need to go from the stables to the staples, from the hall to the ball.



The Fluevog Definition of Clearance: An area where you can buy the world's greatest boots and shoes at a lower price because we keep designing more new product, and our stockrooms appear to be shrinking.


John Says:
"Prepare for the Future, choose well today."


The Pouch + The Prepares

Prepare for FREE SHIPPING when you buy a Prepare Pouch and any style of Prepare or Prepare Hi Shoes or Boots! The great thing about this deal is that the pouches match the shoes and several of the Prepare shoes match the pouches. Coincidence? Possibly. But what's not a coincidence is how amazing the Prepare Family has been ever since it hit the shores of Fluevog. Once you have the shoes and the bag, it almost doesn't matter what else you have on... almost.
* On domestic shipping onlyfrom now until Midnight, Feb. 24th
** Free shipping offer is not available for International, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Northwest Territories, and Nunavet Orders.


FC Brief

The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz has taken the Fluniverse by storm! Fluevogers love this shoe, and now it's time to tell the rest of the world. If you have some creative or artwork ideas up your sleeve, down your socks, or deep in your brain to make the world's greatest Advertisement for this perfect shoe, send it in and you could win $1000 OF FLUEVOGS!!


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