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Fresh Fluevogs: Men

It's true what they say about shoe's personalities... they're all different. But one thing's for sure, getting them all to stand in a line without fidgeting or making funny faces is near impossible. We've done the best we can here, to give you a good overall visual of what's in store and online for Fluevog Spring.

Fresh Fluevogs: Men

Fresh Fluevogs: Unisex

While we're quite proud of some of our year round unisexy Fluevogs, we're enjoying these familiar shoes with new hues for Spring. Click on any shoe you like to go directly to that shoe's page online - although you probably already know how the internet works.

Fresh Fluevogs: Men

Fresh Fluevogs: Women

These ladies are ready for Spring. Whether you're looking for flats, heels, casual, formal, monotone or outrageous we've got the shoe to match your soul. If you're in the neighbourhood, swing by and try a pair on... or just try them all on!

Women's Shoes

Fresh Fluevogs: Accessories

We really turned heads this season with Fluevogian styled accessories. The ooos and ahhhs from Fluevogers in the stores are almost deafening - you can barely hear the James Brown! John decided years ago that the relationship between accessories and shoes aren't unlike the one between neurotic show pigeons and the finicky crowd. Needless to say, that understanding shows in this Spring's material choices, styles and shades. They're so good, that once you pair your Fluevogs with your accessories, the rest of your wardrobe might fall perfectly into place.


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