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• TUESDAY, MARCH 2nd 2 0 1 0 •


As part of our 40th Celebration, we bring you this near-indestructible bag that will carry us another 40 years down the path of awesomeness, and then some. An adjustable over the shoulder bag that can be carried as a briefcase, but that also converts to a backpack, The 40th Anniversary bag is handmade in Mexico using high quality, tough, raw leathers with sturdy hardware. For the Fluevoger, this bag will become a treasured family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, so we decided to give it a 40 year warranty. Like a fine wine or a well-made pair of shoes, this bag will only get better with age.

Well, last month Fluevogers of the world voted, and we now have another official FluevogCreative - you might even be familiar with her previous work. See the current DesignBriefs for your chance at Fame, Fortune and Footwear.

In more FC News, the finalists have been chosen for the Bellevue 'Ida Clark' brief, and Fluevogers are again called to perform their Fluevocratic duty and decide on the next official FluevogCreative (imagine small cotton candy snowflakes shuffling from the sky to the sound of the Vienna Boys Choir). Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the world has ever seen.


John Says: "I can't believe I've been doing this for 40 Fluevogin' years."

The Armin continues John's ongoing mandate of making earth friendly shoes using non-toxic materials - as we say here at Fluevog Good soles leave small prints... no matter what your shoe size. This unlined and unstructured lace-up shoe, named after the patron saint of vintage vehicles, features soft leathers, water-based glues, and Fluevog's famous 100% biodegradable Hevea Tree Latex soles. Grounded, earthy, comfortable, and reliable - the Armin will walk with you in comfort and style.

A few weeks ago in Palm Springs, Elizabeth strolled over to the computer before starting her day and took another gander at some Fluevogs she had her eyes on - those Zazas looked simply gorgeous. With the flick of her wrist and the click of a button, she submitted her order for 3 delicious pairs, completely unaware that she was making Fluevog history.

Thanks for the order Elizabeth (those shoes are on John by the way), and many thanks to the previous 59,999 order-placers and all future order-placers for making fluevog.com the greatest e-commerce website since the beginning of time - or at least the beginning of the internet.

For all you creative Fluevogers out there, the latest brief is now up and it's a big one! Create the world's greatest ad for the 20 year old, iconic Derby Swirl and you could win $1000 of Fluevogs, your own Fluevog profile and exposure (name, url and artwork) in print around the world. Save the world from bad adverts.

It's been quite an honor to be named one of the top ten most innovative fashion companies in the world, and we're humbled by those who did and didn't make the list. Perhaps we were selected because of our cutting edge, unique, head in the clouds, top quality design and craftsmanship. It may have also been our Fluevocratic interaction and connection with you, the world's Fluevogers, through things like Open Source Footwear, FluevogCreative and VogPopuli. Having said that, the fact that John invented the Internet probably didn't hurt either.

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