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• THURSDAY, MARCH 8th 2012 •

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Fresh Shoes

Fresh Shoes

This is shoemaking at its finest. The Gateway Shoes have been a hit since they arrived in store, and now you can see them being hand made from start to finish! Originally only for men, select styles now come in unisex and spring colours, and who knows, you might even pick up the pair that was filmed here.


Instagram and Google+

Last week it was settled. The long fought battle for supremacy in Social & Mobile was finally announced, and the big winner was, once again, John Fluevog Shoes (yawn). Having recently solidified our complete dominance of Instagram and Google+, the judges really had no choice. Join us on any social network you choose for the latest updates and photos, because as long as people keep inventing new social platforms... we'll probably keep joining them.


John Says:
"I am still John."


FC Vote

The Arc Halfmoon Clog has only been in stores for a week but is already proving very popular with Fluevogers. Now's your chance to help celebrate it by voting for your favourite Ad Creative Finalist by fellow Fluevogers. It's 2012 and time to raise your voice, make your mark and vote! Fluevocracy for All!!


FC Briefs

These are the sexy Keepsakes they'll be in store soon. In the meantime, if you design the world's best Fluevog ad for them as decided by your fellow Fluevogers, you will have more than enough Fluevog credit ($1000!) to get a pair for free and then some! Save the world from BAdverts (and perverts).


90000th order

Like all wonderful and loyal Fluevogers, Pat placed an order from her home in the great state of Oregon for the beautiful Hope Daydreams in Burgundy, having no idea the milestone she was about to hit (watch out!). Those beauties are on us Pat, and many thanks to the previous 89,999 order-placers and all future order-placers for making fluevog.com the greatest and most successful e-commerce website since John invented the internet.


Other Retailers

Occasionally we hear from beloved North East Coast Fluevogers who, while in the same country, feel thousands of miles away from us (because they are). If you are one of these far away soles, and you are in or close to Halifax, Mahone Bay, or Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the good folks at Mahone Bay Trading Company have you covered whether you're after a pair of Desmonds or Prodigies, or just a firm handshake.




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