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• THURSDAY, MARCH 12th 2 0 0 9 •


The rumors are true! Spring is desperately fighting to raise its head and break through the cold, dark days of winter. In celebration of such an occasion, John revisited the ever-popular Operetta Family. He started by answering the growing cries of Bring back the Slingback with the brand new Fiorenza, which features two adjustable buckles, the operetta 2.5" leather-wrapped heel, and a brilliant new leather. Operetta fans will also celebrate the introduction of 2 new colors of their favourite styles - meet the highlights of your outfit... Orange, and Turquoise. (You can already hear the daisies.)

As the famous wise old saying goes There are 2 types of people in the world: those who shy away from attention, and those who wear Fluevogs. With that in mind, John created the Silver Marcellos. Using the same mirrored silver leathers as the Perry heels, and built upon the soft comfy Style & Grace sole, the Silver Marcello is sure to outshine everyone else in your orbit (while you check your teeth in your shoes).


John Says: "Put your money where the interest is high."

This weekend will soon go down in history as the thrilling weekend when Vintage Vogs went for Vintage Prices. Our NY store (at Prince & Mulberry) has been pushing the boundaries of their various stockrooms to the max, to hold the world's largest collection of Flues of Yestervog. For this weekend (March 13-15), Fluevogian elves have tunneled back in time & deep underground into the numerous makeshift NY stockrooms (some of which are under the very sidewalks you were strolling on this morning), and brought back every Vintage Vog they could find. If you wear shoes, you'll want to be in and around the NY store this weekend.

In the ancient early 90s, the magic of the John Fluevog name was growing. Here was John, after years of running his own brand, learning that his name and shoe brand had quietly grown relevant legs: I remember being in London with my wife, and going to visit a well known shoe brand that had just opened its first UK location. I was a little depressed going in, thinking that they were so big and had 'made it' - until I walked through the door and was enthusiastically greeted by a sales person... she was wearing my shoes.



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