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•WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15th 2 0 0 6 •


Once again, the good people at John Fluevog have been listening. This year we decided to grow something for the un-leather style-mongers. We planted a couple of our classic Angel styles, added some T‘L’C and grew the uppers out of a hemp-cotton blend. We insisted on using a memory foam insole, mainly for comfort but also to make up for any short-term memory loss. Additionally, we used recycled nylon lining, 100% natural gum rubber soles, and water-based biodegradable adhesive to develop the animal-pleasin’, super stylin’, waste reducin’, naturally funky VEGGIEVOGS.


John Says: "Never Soul Out."

We here at John Fluevog are tickled to join forces with fellow Fluevoger Josh Rouse to offer yet another Contest Extravaganza as part of ‘The 2006 Fluevog Contest Series’. In celebration of Josh’s sixth full length album ‘Subtitulo’ all Fluevogers (and pledging Fluevogers) have the opportunity to enter their name to win the Grand Prize consisting of Josh’s Ukulele that will be used during his April Tour, a $250 Fluevog Certificate and a heaps of other Fluevog/Rouse/Paste Magazine related merchandise. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! To top it off, if you live in a Fluevog City come by the store and enter your name to win tickets to Josh’s show in that city next month!

Speaking of ‘The 2006 Fluevog Contest Series’ and musical instrument prizes, it’s still not too late to enter the Fluefrapp Contest Extravaganza if you haven’t already. Something for all you Goldfrappin’ Fluevogers and you Fluevogin’ Goldfrappers.

We’re not even kidding – over the last couple of weeks we have moved a whole wack* load of Shoes to our Clearance section to make your spring a joyous, shoe-filled one. It's all divided into size availability so you don't have to spend a long time trying to find something that fits you. Everything in this section is limited quantity while supplies last. Plus we have both a US and a CANADA section. (*Size of wack unknown, but considered very large by most accounts.)


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