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Fresh instore and online, the all-new Future Angels are ready to guide you. This outrageously popular family combines that smart/bohemian look with all the comfort of your favorite sneaks. These new Futures are perfect for the lawyer/beat poet, who is having a home cooked meal with his mother - or the dancing, furniture making, day-trader who is reading Saturday's paper on Sunday morn. In terms of Future Angelic Guidance, this is the best money you'll spend.


Meet the unisexy Metts. These retro-styled, low-top, slip-ons give you the comfort of the 90's with all the confidence of croc-stamped leather. Throw in a classic 1" rubber sole and the Mett is adventurously conforming and conservatively rebellious all at once. "Keep it up, Keep it going!"


John Says: "Your Sole will direct your Future."

Get your down tempo, French duo, transparent Flue-groove on. John and his friends are giving you a chance to win an AIR Bag filled with beaucoup goodies, including a FREE PAIR OF FLUEVOGS, a complete AIR library, an iPod Shuffle bleu, clothing, magazines, etc - everything you'd want to protect you in case of an accident. You can also listen to the entire Pocket Symphony album on the contest page. So slip on your Fluevogs, swing by, listen to some sweet, dreamy tunes and enter to win an AIR Bag, you'll actually use.

Make a stop in at FlueShots and remind yourself who you're in the same company as. Better yet - upload you're own FlueShot and make it official. How does your personal Fluevog Family look when it's all hanging out together on the floor in your bedroom? (Fluevog collection analysis available upon request.) Can you balance all your Fluevogs in one hand? How well can you dress to match the Fluevogs on your feet? There is no limit to the amount of fun one can have coming up with new FlueShots. Check'em out and get your unique soul on there!



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