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• THURSDAY, MARCH 15th 2012 •

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Green Shoes

Given St. Patrick's Day is one of the planet's holidays that has always borrowed much of its enthusiastic style from Fluevog Day, we thought it only fair to recognize its royal colo(u)rs with a deal! From... NOW until Saturday night at midnight take 17% off all regular priced green coloured shoes. Kiss me I'm Fluevog!

(For online and in store green shoe purchases, discount will be applied at check out.)


Fluevog & SXSW

If you, like millions of other Fluevogers, are in Austin at the moment enjoying SXSW, be sure to head to Maggie Mae's on Saturday night for the Fluevog sponsored BC Buds Showcase. Enjoy Fluevoger Dan Mangan, and the so hot right now Chains of Love. Six bands will perform awesomeness between 8pm and 2am – free meaningful hi-5s if you're wearing Fluevogs.


John Says:
"Embrace the dawn."


New Accessories

People who don't have 'a shoe problem' often have 'a bag problem'. Admittedly, humans are rarely afflicted by only two problems, but we here at Fluevog have always taken it upon ourselves to focus our solutions on these two. While shoes generally carry the same things around time after time, bags have to accommodate all sorts of fillers: books, wallets, make-up, phones, garlic, scarves, massive sunglasses, circus-won goldfish, signed baseballs, slightly smaller bags etc. Depending on your baggage, we've got the perfect mixture of sexy, cute and practicality (amazing right?).


FC Winner

Congratulations Vera Brosgol! After a record number of votes for the four finalists, Vera is our 20th official FluevogCreative. Vera was born in Moscow, Russia but moved to the US when she was five, and now lives in Portland. She is an accomplished and published animator, but still makes time to do things "old ladies do." Her stuff is just awesome and we encourage you to check out Vera's Bio on FluevogCreative. Thanks as always to all the Fluevogers who entered and voted.



Exactly 2 months from today will be the biggest and brightest International Fluevog Day the world has ever seen. Have we already planned everything and booked the bands, jugglers, lawyers and astronauts?... Maybe? Are we confident that it will be your greatest Fluevog Day experience of 2012? Absolutely! So remember to add it to every calendar you partake in, and remind co-workers you may not be able to fall asleep on the 14th. May 15th, 2012 is closer than it's ever been!



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