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• FRIDAY, MARCH 15th 2013 •

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Green Shoes

In celebration of one of the most spiritual Saint's Days of the year, we thought we'd recognize St. Patrick's official colo(u)r! Starting NOW until Sunday night at midnight take 17% OFF all regular priced green coloured shoes in store and online. Kiss me I'm Fluevog!

For online and in store regular priced green shoe purchases, discount will be applied at check out.


Newly Restocked

We have recently restocked our shelves with a fresh batch of popular men's and women's Fluevogs. That means your size is probably now available in that shoe you're still thinking about in the back of your mind... Which is handy, because it's taking up valuable mind real estate in the 'where are my keys?' and the 'what was this guy's name again?' space in your brain.


John Says:
"I'm not driven to rash behaviour, except when it comes to you."


IFD Petition

Exactly 2 months from today will be the biggest and brightest International Fluevog Day the world has ever seen. To help you join us in your local Fluevog Store or online Social(media)ly, by 5:15pm 5/15 to be a part of Documented Fluevog History, we've started a petition to get you off work 30 minutes early on Fluevog Day!!


Angel News Coming


FC Brief

The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz has taken the Fluniverse by storm! Fluevogers love this shoe, and now it's time to tell the rest of the world. If you have some creative or artwork ideas up your sleeve, down your socks, or deep in your brain to make the world's greatest Advertisement for this perfect shoe, send it in and you could win $1000 OF FLUEVOGS!!


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