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You look great

Yes, you! We spend a lot of time telling you about shoes, but we just want to take a moment to talk about you (donít worry, weíll get back to the shoes in a minute). You, in all of your uniqueness, are Awesome! If there was one thing we could say about you collectively, itís that no matter how you rock your Fluevogs, you follow your soul and always look great doing it!


The Miracles: Revelation

The Miracles Revelation is a heaven-inspired present from John, designed to perfectly fit the feet of those stuck here on earth, and lift us higher. The embroidered details, smooth leather, and divinely comfortable fit will have you singing hymns to surprised on-lookers.

The Chill Out: Tobias

Legend has it that if you stare into the patterned depths of The Chill Out Tobias, you’ll discover all of the world’s secrets (but there's an equal chance you’ll just strain your eyes). Even if The Tobias can’t answer all of life’s questions, it will make your feet look smashing while you go forth and hunt them down yourself.



John is curious to know a little bit more about you. Fill out our 30-second survey for a chance to win a $500 VOGDOLLAR Shopping Bonanza! (How great is the word bonanza btw?) $500 worth of new Fluevogs? Complete the survey and it could be yours! Bonanza.


FC Vote

The FluevogCreative finalists for The LoPro brief have settled in nicely to the voting booth, but time is almost up! Remember, you can vote once a day for the creative you think deserves the fame and fortune. Cast your votes before Monday to crown the next winner! Join the Fluevocracy!


Think Deeply

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